A Latest Location Beacon – P1 Plus, Made for Durability

What is P1 Plus Robust Location Beacon?
For use in harsh environments where ultra low or high temperatures, shock and vibration are anticipated, Minew has introduced the new P1 Plus Robust Location Beacon, an industrial Beacon with ultra low & high temperature resistance, heavy-duty housing and long service life.
We have made P1 Plus with robust body and internal replaceable battery, featuring with high grade of waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.
It can simultaneously broadcast iBeacon, Eddystone and Sensor data, certified with MFi, FCC and CE.

What makes it stand out?
Featured with durability and high performances, P1 Plus effectively deals with the issues on insufficient working efficiency in finding items, allocating resources, intelligent tracking and monitoring, and on rarely qualified beacon products working in harsh environments. Other features included as following:

✔ Based on Bluetooth 5.0
✔ IP67 dustproof & waterproof, IK09 shockproof
✔ Working temperature range is -40℃~85℃
✔ Support acceleration and temperature sensors
✔ Replaceable industrial battery and easy to maintain
✔ Magnetic switch and low voltage alarm
✔ Support multi-channel broadcasting and custom channel parameters
✔ Broadcasting range up to 70 meters

Where can P1 Plus work
P1 Plus is especially suited to harsh applications such as tunnels, railroads, and other industrial environments. Also, P1 Plus performs extraordinarily on location and tracking in warehouses, parking lots, vehicle leasing and management companies, logistics and transportation industries, containers, office campuses, etc., contributing to deliver various location based services.

What Does P1 Plus Do?

Vehicle Management
P1 Plus can be installed on the targeted vehicles, and the information management system in the parking lots, large garages or vehicle leasing companies can receive the signal from P1 Plus in real time by gateways or other Bluetooth signal receivers. In this way, the managements of vehicle presence, maintenance and care, reservation, etc. can be hugely optimized. For example, the user or customer can locate and navigate to his or her car via an app (developed by software provider).

And the utilization of vehicles can be improved based on the number and status of the vehicles in the cloud system, bringing about economic benefits for vehicles leasing and management companies.

Warehouse Management
In the warehouse, especially those with strict temperature requirements and storage conditions, or those storing heavy instruments, the clerks can locate and monitor the assets and goods in real-time by deploying shelves and goods with P1 Plus, and record the details of the goods, such as its type, storage time and inventory. Even the accidental collision will not lead to P1 Plus damage for its solid housing, which reduces the costs of replacing location beacon.

The warehouse management with P1 Plus can accelerate intelligent information management, which will automate warehouse process and improve workflow.

Indoor Positioning
More excellent than most location beacons, the robust P1 Plus helps to optimize visitor experience at indoor positioning and navigation. For instance, by deploying multiple P1 Plus in administrative service buildings, visitors can get an e-map of the building on their phones to locate themselves, and select the best route to the destinations.

Other location based services, such as welcome message, business opening hours and current queuing situation, etc., can be provided to visitors, so they can save the time and energy in waiting, which enables business processing no longer time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Asset Management
As for the valuable assets, especially heavy instruments and assets with special requirements on temperature, or the assets in harsh environments such as tunnels and railroads, P1 Plus can deliver stable real-time location of the assets.
P1 Plus provides real-time information to decrease human involvement and enhance monitoring maintenance and security, consequently related costs can be reduced.

Temperature Monitoring
In the cold chain transportation and refrigeration storage, P1 Plus can work for food and beverage temperature detection with built-in temperature sensor. By reliable, uninterrupted uploading of temperature data and the threshold alarm, P1 Plus ensures stable transport and storage of sensitive goods to conserve the quality of the items for avoiding materials waste besides cutting down manual monitoring costs.

Logistics Transportation
The entry and exit of transport vehicles installed with P1 Plus can be detected by Gateways or other Bluetooth signal receivers, and the Cloud system can synchronize the status of the transport vehicles. In this way, seamless indoor and outdoor monitoring of goods can be realized. When there is a delay in logistics, a timely responsive plan can be made for reasonable resources allocation and arrangement.

By the way, our P1 Robust Location Beacon, without acceleration and temperature sensors, is also available now, any question, you can contact us for more details.

Editor: Sheila
Reviewers: Rosa, Nora