An Electronic Tracking Wristband used in Quarantine

electronic tracking wristbands
Recently, with a smart hardware has been utilized in quarantine management, people may not be that worried about their coronavirus infection risk in outside. In countries adopting this measure, including South Korea, Belgium, India, Lichtenstein and Hong Kong, people in quarantine could be supervised to stay at appointed places by wearing electronic tracking wristbands, to make sure suspected coronavirus carriers are isolated efficiently. Among above applying cases, you will find bracelets like the picture, and they are exactly supplied by an IoT manufacturer: Minew. The wearable and detachable devices , based on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 wireless transmission technique, is pretty appropriate for connecting into integrated tracking system, in order to solve epidemic prevention problem, via location management, distance alert and infection data notice. These smart hardwares have been named by Minew as “B6”and “B7”, and they have already been used in other medical fields before this application. B7 wristband also come with a push button for hospital patients to make the emergency call. If you would like to know more about B6 and B7 wristbands, please visit below websites: