AoA Rechargeable Bluetooth® Badge MWC01 – Personnel Management Is Simpler than Ever

Minew today announced the release of MWC01 Rechargeable Bluetooth Badge (AoA version available), a new member of Minew’s AoA Beacon family that is ideal for personnel management thanks to its leveraging of RFID and Bluetooth positioning technologies.

AoA Rechargeable Bluetooth® Badge MWC01

MWC01, available in two versions, MWC01 Rechargeable Bluetooth Badge (AoA Ver.) and MWC01 Rechargeable Bluetooth Badge, both of which in the same portable size of 86 * 55 * 6 mm, aims to fulfill the personnel management requirements from vertical industries. Such a light and handy gadget, weighing 20 g only, offers a great power of protection of IP67 resistant level. Though 2 short hours in charging time does MWC01 spend, it has exceptional performance in the long service life of several months on a single charge.

Following the user-friendly design in high customer satisfaction of the MWL01 and C10 people management tags, MWC01 features a push button that enables a safety call with a press of the button, allowing rapid action in appropriate conditions. Furthermore, the accelerometer sensor on the MWC01 aids in real-time monitoring of the trajectory of people’s movement and other dynamic changes.

With the construction of smart office and smart healthcare, MWC01 Rechargeable Bluetooth Badge is on its way to providing cost-effective and reliable solutions in indoor positioning, personnel management, patient care, and more.

Why should we recommend MWC01 in our product portfolio?

Wearable, portable, and positionable. Personnel management is now simpler than ever.

  • AoA positioning sub-meter accuracy(MWC01AoA ver.): Utilizing the benefits of the Minew AoA protocol and utilizing AoA high-accuracy location services, MWC01 (AoA Ver.) is capable of sub-meter class high-precision tracking and management of personnel.
  • Smart magnetic charging: The magnetic charging connector facilitates quick, secure, and practical recharging.
  • Multiple RFID frequencies: RFID enables check-in/out and flow tracking, which significantly aids in visitor management and identification.
  • User-friendly vibration motor:It comes with an external button and a vibration motor that is helpful to those who are visually impaired and may be used to alert first responders or check on the wearer.

The ideal complement to AoA G2 Gateway Starter Kit

To pair well with the MWC01, you can opt for the Minew AoA G2 gateway kit. With its one gateway G2, four AoA locators, and five pieces of 19.7 feet network cables, Minew AoA G2 gateway kit, the Bluetooth AoA starter kit with developing Angle of Arrival technology, provides sub-meter class accurate indoor positioning-based service across all industries.

AoA G2 Gateway Starter Kit

AoA G2 Gateway Starter Kit

Where does the MWC01 take the spotlight?

Workers, nurses, office employees, and other professionals are among those busy moving around indoor work places, as well as prospective unannounced visitors. People management is also essential for developing a healthy working relationship for any reason, such as flow analysis, task optimization, or access control.

Smart office is on the go

MWC01 incorporates AoA location technology and includes integrated RFID that may be utilized for employee route tracing for human utilization, monitoring staff flow, and office check-ins. Its geofencing capability enables access control as various zones can have varying levels of permission. Such visitor control provides the highest level of corporate privacy protection.

Indoor positioning with high precision

Any available resources can be distributed effectively. It has been shown that MWC01 in museums, sports fields, and other large indoor spaces with a wide broadcast range and a high protection level has contributed to optimal resource allocation and utilization. With more development, it will be possible to perform tasks like the initial reaction in hospitals and the task completion report in factories.

MWC01 Rechargeable Bluetooth Badge is now available in Minew Store. For more information, feel free to contact us by email at