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MWC01 Rechargeable Bluetooth Badge

MWL01 Portable Location Beacon

AoA G2 Gateway Starter Kit (Talk to our experts)

Smart Wearables

MWC01 Rechargeable Bluetooth Badge

B10 Emergency Button

B8 Plus Social Distancing Wristband

B8 Social Distancing Wristband
B9 Quarantine Wristband B7 Button Wristband B6 Medical Wristband D15N Keychain Beacon
C10 Card Beacon C6 Wearable Beacon

Sensor Tag
MST01 Industrial Temperature and Humidity Sensor MSP01 Passive Infrared Sensor MSV01 Vibration Sensor S3 Temperature Humidity Sensor
S1 Temperature Humidity Sensor S4 Door Sensor E8S Asset Tag S2 Light Sensor

Bluetooth Beacon
F6 Smart Finder MBM03 Rugged Road Stud Beacon MBM02 Proximity Location Beacon MBM01 Ultra-Long Range Beacon
MBT01 Anti-tamper Asset Tag MBS01 Pallet Beacon P1 Plus Robust Beacon i10 Indoor Location Beacon
E2 Max Beacon C3 USB Beacon Tag T1 Mini Beacon Tag T2 Mini Beacon Tag
T3 Mini Beacon Tag E6 Light Beacon i9 Coin Tag i6 Disposable Tag
i3 Robust Beacon E9 Dear Beacon E8 Asset Tracking Tag E7 Plus Beacon
E5 Location Beacon F6 Anti-lost Key Finder

IoT Gateway
MG4 Smart Rechargeable Gateway MG3 USB Mini Gateway G1 IoT Gateway

IoT Starter Kit
IoT Starter Kit – MVS IoT Starter Kit – MOS IoT Starter Kit – MHS IoT Starter Kit – MWS Asset Tracking Kit