Electronic Shelf Labels x Sustainability

May many of you have already noticed the changes in our living environment in recent years. The weather becomes hotter each year, climate change melts Arctic ice, human actions caused Amazon rainforest fires the place called ‘Earth’s Lungs’. It might quite a heavy talk, but it is the fact that we are facing now. We must start to do something for our home, the next generation, and other species. Every little counts.
Photo: Angela Plumb Until now, perhaps you start to think what’s the matter with Electronic Shelf Labels in this case. Look in this way, some people for protecting the environment by starting to read E-books instead of paper books, schools use Ipad as teaching tools instead of traditional teaching way, students making notes and do their homework online now. Why not retail industries too. In China, there about a total of 6 million supermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, groceries, fresh fruits shops to selling daily necessities. We attempt an average use of 100 pieces paper price tag in each store, then it will be a 6 hundred million paper tags in use without changes. If one A4 paper can make 15 pieces paper tag, there are a 40 million pieces A4 paper needed. A 20 years old tree can produce around 3,000 pieces of A4 paper. To cover this usage, we need to cut down about 13,000 trees. Even though it is just an attempt but the result still appalling.
By contrast, Electronic Shelf Labels has shown a series of advantages. Such as made by durable materials, long-lasting battery life, easy to operate, saving labor cost, etc. And the most important point is no more trees need to be cutting down just for making paper price tags. It means that since we start to implement Electronic Shelf Labels we will gonna stop the current situation.
With the development of technology, we have benefited a lot. The future is now. Let us do something to protect our earth — the home that we live in. As we said in the beginning, remember every little counts.