How Smart IoT Starter Kit is Making Warehouse Intelligent

Minew Launches the latest IoT Starter Kit – MWS, designed for real-time identification, positioning, tracking, and sensing. Today, we proudly introduce you to our IoT starter kit MWS, a complete bundle of gadgets for your logistic needs from asset management to cargo tracking. This kit gives everything you need to create a smart monitoring system right out of the bat. Components in this kit have been proven to work effectively with current already developed systems. It is no miracle that these devices work individually, but when they are associated together, the magic happens. The starter kit MWS is easy to set up and designed to fit anywhere, Minew brings a full-strength Bluetooth LE monitoring network to your warehouse or cold room, which is highly recommended for such scenarios. Offering ultra-fast performance, and together with the Minew cloud platform, this kit delivers the superior performance needed to support multiple Bluetooth LE devices. It uses cutting-edge technologies and utmost accuracy to provide the most responsive approach at the lowest cost to monitor your warehouse in any type and any size. These devices are selected from a wide range of Minew products to provide the best fit for your warehouse and cold room needs.

IoT Starter Kit – MWS 1

Current Problems and Our Solution

With respect to the exponential growth of logistic demands, the industry has come to a point where it is too difficult to scale due to the increasing cost of labor, management complexity, and inefficient productivity. Our ready-to-deploy IoT starter kit MWS can relieve you from tedious manually checking and tracking work by having the entire operation monitored automatically while presenting you with selected data on a remote server. It is designed to furnish modern warehouses and tackle the existing problems. Therefore, our kit can make everything more convenient and abstracted to the end-user while ensuring the workers’ safety and storage conditions are in good hands.

Features and Functions of Each Component

The G1 Bluetooth® Gateway collects Bluetooth® broadcast packets from beacons, parses them, and passes them over through Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi to the designated server.

The S1 sensor can read the temperature and humidity of the ambient environment and report that data to the gateway.

The card form C10 can be used for personnel locating and checking in/out by NFC. A virtual fence can be implemented for area access control through a secondary development.

The pallet attaching MBS01 can be sturdily secured the pallet to help the system identify the inventory and its location status. It is certified IP65 water-resistant and IK08 shockproof, which makes it ideal to be deployed in warehouses attached to the pallet.

The rigid P1 Plus offers the highest grade of built quality and solidarity. It is IP68 and IK09 certified and can be equipped with an accelerometer and temperature reading sensor. It can be installed on the roof or the wall. This our most solid beacon can be placed in any harsh environment to help locate people, equipment, or merchandise by having a receiver read its signals and analyze them.

E8S is a small factor tag beacon that can be adhered to any smooth surface to give real-time reports of your inventory. Unlike P1 Plus is in a fixed position on the wall and acts as a transmitter while a receiver must be present with the object or people to determine the location, E8S can be on the move with items or people, while gateways, phones, or other receivers receive its signals and determine its location.

MBT01 is a small device that can detect tampering. When it is being removed from the attached surface it would trigger an alarm, or the system would know the item is no longer in the monitor area once the system stopped receiving broadcasts from MBT01.


Work Together as a Whole

Together as one, the kit MWS brings you an efficient and flexible solution for warehouses and storage. If correctly deployed and engaged with a working system, it can monitor the whole inventory locations and temperature while tracking every personnel’s whereabouts. By developing and incorporating a network around the kit, the administrator can locate, monitor, or track inventories, equipment, or personnel remotely and conveniently through portals from local servers or cloud platforms.

TagCloud 2.0 for Demonstration and Testing.

Our TagCloud IoT platform is free to use, and by engaging in further development, infinite possibilities can be achieved. TagCloud is ideal for demonstration and test purposes with its user-friendly graphical interface. It can monitor data in real time and manage devices in batches, however, to reach the kit’s true potential, it is recommended to do a secondary development with the kit.



From the moment you implement your system together with the kit hardware, your warehouse is protected and can be monitored remotely, any temperature change or asset moving in and out of range will be scanned and reported to the server and seen by the administrator. If someone accidentally unplugs a gateway, other gateways in the surrounding areas will pick up the slack. The G1 gateway can receive up to 300 packets per second even in a busy environment. The IoT kit features sleek and compact designs including small form factor beacons and rugged beacons that coordinate with any industrial environment. These devices can work together as a team, so when your monitored area needs to expand, simply add more beacons and interchange models to coordinate your working fashion.

Data Transmission

G1 supports three methods of uploading data to the server including MQTT, HTTP, and TCP. While with MQTT, you have the option to deliver data encrypted in SSL protocol. Its data formats include long and short formats of JSON and binary data. To select results that you only want to see you can filter out the data by enabling filter by RSSI, MAC addresses, Bluetooth LE names, raw, or duplicate data. By working along with our beacons including ones that come with this kit, G1 automatically parses the data, so you do not have to parse them manually, however, you do have the option of uploading the raw data by enabling upload unknown in the configuration page.

Boost Your Business with Minew IoT Starter Kit MWS

Minew IoT starter kit MWS can help you synergistically recapitalize the core information based on your current infrastructure and turn it into a compellingly eviscerate long-term high impact infomediaries while achieving your system’s full potential by intrinsically onboard reliable processes. When encountering either a heavy load in a sophisticated logistic process or a light shift in a facile manufacturing pipeline, its unique features and capabilities progressively provide access to effective intellectual informatics. When the workflow process becomes automated with this kit, the work efficiency is boosted, and the return is maximized. While the platform objectively re-enables principle-centered interfaces for you, every task tracked, and every metric monitored now are done effortlessly in a reliable timely manner. This attentively engineered IoT kit can professionally and agilely leverage your or your customer’s streamlined click-and-mortar business. The new process can be incorporated into a uniquely syndicated transparent core competency.

Now available for pre-order!

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