How the beacon bring value to your customers and business?

What are the beacons? as you know, Beacons are devices that detect and communicate with shopper’s smart phones and send them media such as ads, coupons or supplementary product information. Beacon can also be used as POS systems and collect info about consumers. More specifically, they are a low cost piece of hardware, small enough to attach to a wall or other surface.
How the beacon bring value to your customers and business?
Beacons use battery friendly Bluetooth connections to transmit messages. It may prompt directly to a smart phone or tablet in the hopes of improving the in-store shopping experience and transforming how retailers and other industries communicate with people in store. Now, here we share some examples on how the power of Beacon can bring value to your customers and to your business.
How the beacon bring value to your customers and business?
1. Coupons and discounts That is the most widely used approach when it comes to beacons. Manage customer retention. Reach your customers to the moment of truth by promoting products, offers and influence the buying decision at the right time and place. 2. Capture customer data Your customers have already dedicated their attention to their smart phones even when they are for shopping. By using Beacons you can have real-time analytics into shopping behavior. You can collect valuable customer insights to your business such as visits, campaign effectiveness and number of sales. 3. Bring your customers back to the store and enhance the in-store shopping experience Customer satisfaction is your first priority. Offer a unique and personal in-store customer experience. Target them with contextually relevant notifications based on their location, behavior buying habits and much more. Guide your customers around the store and bring them in front of the product they are looking for. 4. Be ahead of the competition Your competitors are already getting smarter by embracing Beacons to their marketing strategy and if they don’t they are definitely going to. Most shoppers have yet to be beaconed; many will encounter the technology before the end of this year. So think about it, and realize that beaconing has been the missing piece in the whole mobile-shopping puzzle. Bottom line, you should definitely use beacons in your loyalty marketing strategy Minew already implements this strategy for retailers having great results. We will keep straight ahead in proximity beacon industry.