Importance of Windows and Door Sensor

Importance of Windows and Door Sensor

We are living in a technologically advanced era where automation is making lives easier than ever before. Apart from convenience, enhanced security is another edge that modern-day technology offers us in all departments of life. Things like a door sensor help us ensure convenience and safety at its best. These tools have become an essential part of security systems at home as well as commercial buildings. If you want to install a comprehensive security system at your home or office, then door and window sensors for sure are going to play an essential part.

Today, we will talk about why and how door and window sensors are rising in popularity in the domestic and commercial security system market. Before we proceed to the benefits that these sensors offer, let’s take a look at what a door or window sensor is.

door sensor to guard indoor safety

Door Sensor: What Does It Do?

Exists and entrances are the weakest points of every home or commercial facility. For burglars, these are the areas from where they would try to break in. If the window or door is not secure, it will be extremely easy for criminals to get in. But with modern-day security devices, like a door sensor, we can secure our homes in the optimal way. An electric security system comprises door sensors. When you open a window or door, this sensor triggers a vibrating bell in the house. The latest door and window sensors come with an assortment of choices and features.

Today, we have sensors that do not only ring alarms inside the house, but you can also monitor door activity from any other place. For example, you can monitor the activity on your smartphone from a remote location through an app. If someone opens the door, you will get a notification on your smartphone via an app. Moreover, you can also operate doors, such as locking and unlocking the door, from another place through your smartphone. Apart from exceptional security, these sensors provide a great convenience for users.

Working of Door and Windows Sensors

Almost all window and door sensors come with the ‘reed switch’. This switch determines when someone has breached a prohibited area. These switches also have other applications, including laptop pedal keyboards. When you close your laptop lid it will go to sleep. Did you ever think about how it happens? The reed switch is behind this function. This switch comprises several electrical connectors positioned slightly apart.  It joins them together when the magnetic field comes near to electrical connectors. As a result, it closes the circuit.

A door sensor comes with one magnet and a reed switch that creates the closed circuit. When you open a window or door, the magnet makes a slight distance from the reed switch. Therefore, it triggers the event by breaking the circuit. You will get the notification in different forms, such as the chime alert, a loud alarm, or the discreet text. The notification type depends on your system mode or the system setup.

Benefits of a Door and Window Sensor

Convenience and enhanced security are, for sure, the main advantages that come with these sensors. However, there are many other extra perks that you will receive after installing these sensors in your house. Let’s take a quick look at some other benefits of using these sensors in your house or even at a commercial place.

1. No Chances of Burglaries

The crime index is increasing in many parts of the world and we need a strong security system that can benefit us even when we are away from our house. Using door sensor technology provides you the advantage of monitoring your exits and entrances even when you are not at home. After activating door and windows sensors, you will get home security alerts from the security system, whenever someone opens or closes your doors/windows. If there is such an activity, you can quickly call the local police to act immediately.

Even the security service provider will get the notification and they can call concerned authorities for quick action. It is one of the top reasons why you should install door and window sensors in your home or even offices.

2. Keep Your Loved Ones In

Did you know that such a security mechanism also helps you keep your loved ones inside the house in a safe place? If you have kids in your home and they usually open the door to go outside without informing you, these sensors can help. You can lock your doors using your smartphone when you are in the office and can monitor when someone has opened the door to go outside. It is even helpful for those who have aged people inside their home who often leave the house without telling you or anyone else. You can ensure that they stay safe at home when you are away.

3. Extra Deterrent

No one would be able to force their way in from doors or windows when the security system is active. If someone tries it, the system will trigger the alarm. It doesn’t only act as a warning to criminals, but will also alert you and all family members that someone is making an effort to break-in. Even if you are not at the home a ringing alarm will most probably deter whoever is trying to break in.

Door Sensor triggers mobile phone APP alarm

4. Peace of Mind

Above all, you will have peace of mind. You can sleep worry-free when you know that the alarm will ring whenever someone will try to break in. Installing door sensor technology is the best thing that you can do to protect your home. If it is active, you know that you and all family members are safe.

Final Thoughts

Security and safety of you, family members and your property is critical and you would make any effort for it. Installing door and windows sensors is the best thing that you can do today for the security of your home and belongings. This technology makes it almost impossible for criminals to break in, providing you complete peace of mind. Before you choose these sensors, you must make sure that you are purchasing the best-quality sensors for the most reliable security.

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