Launch of Revamped Minew BeaconCloud Platform

Enhanced of Minew BeaconCloud 2.0 include optimized platform functions, improved device management, and experimental building of a cross-cloud system.

BeaconCloud is an IoT cloud platform demo developed by Minew, specially for managing BLE devices at anytime, anywhere. For everyone who has purchased Minew beacon products (those with protocol public), BeaconCloud is a virtual assistant in asset management, data storage, analysis, etc. The platform integrates the functions of data collecting and demonstration, Minew Gateway monitoring, general BLE devices management and open source, facilitating centralized management of IoT devices.


Enhancements to BeaconCloud 2.0 are ultimately about managing more and operating easier. We have optimized the basic functions on the Cloud, and improved devices management and Cloud operating as well as blueprinting a cross-cloud platform system, moving towards more user-friendly in IoT applications.

What are the highlights of the enhanced BeaconCloud 2.0

More Minew Devices Managed

Among the new advancements, it is particularly noteworthy that our S3 Temperature & Humidity Sensor and S4 Door Magnetic Sensor are available on the Cloud Platform now. The significance of this improvement is more visible in Smart Retail Solutions, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and other applications where leveraging temperature & humidity sensors or door sensors with the general BLE devices (such as gateway, stationary beacon, location beacon, wearable beacon, etc). The real-time data of the sensors are collected and shown on the platform, and you can check when the door is open or closed.


Stable Real-time Data Monitoring

Data sent by the monitored device will be collected in real-time and graphed on the dashboard of related device.


Easy to Use

With a brand new website layout of neat and clear, the Platform contains nothing fancy but the basic and necessary graphs and contents. At-a-glance main interface and quick-responsive page partitions, enable easy to operate free of instructions.


Enhanced Efficiency by Batch Operation

Adding or deleting devices in batch greatly save time and effort in operation. In term of application scenarios with large coverage and lots of BLE devices, batch operation is a cost-effective solution to streamline workflow and accelerate productivity.


Open Interface for Self-Customization

With qualified algorithm abilities, IoT applications in different industry can reshape their industry-specific platform based on their own needs. Now, you can design your own Cloud Platform through our API.


Upcoming Cross-cloud System

Another Cloud Platform by Minew, the ESL (electronic shelf label) Cloud Platform is created for centralized management of Minew’s ESL in real-time. Minew struggling for connecting every object, the critical step in technology is to build a cross-cloud system for controlling various categories of IoT products on one Cloud Platform. In the near future, our clients who have purchased both of our beacon products and ESLs can easily manage all the devices on the Cloud. Interconnection between beacon devices and ESL can be realized such as real-time content change of ESL based on collected data of beacon devices (such as temperature & humidity sensor) in smart office or smart retail. Just stay tuned, to get the latest update. Any question or insight is sincerely welcomed.

Editor: Sheila
Reviewers: Rosa, Eason