Live Streams Ended, Minew Service Extends

Remember the previous September live stream preview? From September 1st to September 23rd, Minew has successfully held four live streams, clearly presented the products to all audiences and provided the opportunity for live interaction with professional answers. Lets Take a Look at Our Live Streams Review SEP 1 , LIVE 1  The topic is Electronic shelf label and Bluetooth Beacon series products. Minew’s ESL Solution mainly works for retail, further for other industry like warehouse. And our Bluetooth Beacon is a low-energy consumption Beacon connecting everything into Internet. SEP 8 , LIVE 2 Minew has been skilled and provided customers with more professional and comprehensive introduction of Beacon products. Minew also offered great deals to friends who tuned in our live. SEP 15, LIVE 3 We achieved in using multiple languages to introduce our ESL products and solutions, accomplished our goal to serve every customer worldwide. Up to 20% discount was given to our valued clients. We also prepared a showroom tour in LIVE to explain how our products work and where our products can be employed. SEP 23,2020 LIVE 4 A lot of coupons were sent in the final live.We elaborated a comparison with other products of the same type, and demonstrated our excellent waterproof function. Minew will continue to explore different channels to provide our customers with the up-to-date information and sincere service across the ocean. We’d love to see and talk to you in LIVE again, stay tuned!