MINEW and WIREPAS Introduce Next-Generation IoT Solutions for Asset Tracking and Monitoring

Minew in collaboration with Wirepas, a pioneer in large-scale mesh networking technology, announce innovative IoT solutions designed to revolutionize asset tracking and monitoring across diverse industries. The solutions featureWirepas ultra-reliable mesh technology seamlessly integrated into Minew devices, offering unparalleled efficiency, security and reliability. Minew’s devices are powered by Symples for effortless secure onboarding into customers’ networks.

Wirepas Mesh loT DevicesPowered by Symples

Wirepas’ highly scalable mesh networking technology offers a robust foundation for creating massive IoT networks with millions of devices in a single network. Leveraging Wirepas’ capabilities, Minew has developed a range of IoT devices embedded with Wirepas firmware, providing customers with simple, secure, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for asset tracking.

Minew’s devices integrate Symbiotech’s Symples technology, allowing devices to be deployed more effectively, flexibly and securely.

Let’s take a look at these smart devices:

1. MBM01 Ultra-Long Range Anchor: Featuring an exceptional transmission range and battery life, the MBM01 is perfect as a battery-powered anchor.

2. P1 Plus Robust Location Tag: Built to withstand harsh environments, the P1 Plus offers high waterproof and shockproof capabilities, making it ideal for tracking and monitoring in challenging conditions. Its durability and reliability make it a valuable asset in industries where precision is paramount and its temperature sensor is a great extra feature to monitor ambient temperature.

3. E9 Tag: With its versatile features, the E9 Tag is a powerful device for asset tracking and proximity information pushing. Whether used in warehouses, retail shops, or tourist attractions, the E9 offers unmatched performance and efficiency in a very small form factor.

4. B10 Smart Wearable Emergency Button: It is tailored for seniors,  those with special needs and lone worker, providing guardians with real-time tracking and emergency assistance. Its user-friendly design suits children, high-risk workers, and individuals with sensory impairments, featuring vibration feedback for added accessibility.

More to know:

● All IoT devices are based on Nordic Semiconductor‘s nRF52 series with Wirepas Mesh embedded firmware.

● MBM01 Ultra Long-Range Anchors can cover up to 500 sqm space / device

● Symples by Symbiotech, enables provisioning and configuration of the IoT mesh network in minutes, even for users without prior experience with Wirepas.

“The combination of Minew’s innovative hardware solutions and Wirepas mesh networking technology opens up new possibilities for asset tracking and monitoring,” said Johnson Zhang at Minew. “With the simplicity and reliability of this solution, businesses can quickly deploy and scale IoT networks for various applications.”

Johannes Lehmann at Symbiotech added: “Minew deliver excellent devices at a competitive price point. We are excited to be partnering to bring those devices to the Wirepas ecosystem.”

“We’re super excited to have Minew join the Wirepas Ecosystem! With Minew’s awesome range of asset tracking and sensing devices, combined with Wirepas Mesh and Symples, we’re offering the perfect solution for our high-volume customers in logistics and operations” said Youssef Kamel, SVP Buildings and Tracking at Wirepas

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About Wirepas

Wirepas is a leading IoT company with a mission to democratize enterprise IoT. It makes IoT real through its connectivity software enabling massive decentralized, scalable, high-density, and long-range network applications. Its technology lets any enterprise set up and manage its own network autonomously without operators, separate network infrastructure, middlemen or subscriptions – at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. Wirepas is also the main contributor to the first non-cellular 5G standard, purpose-built for massive IoT and using a free global spectrum. It serves customers across the world with offices in Germany, Finland, France, India and the United States, in the areas of smart tracking, smart building, smart manufacturing and smart metering.

Learn more on http://www.wirepas.com.

About Symbiotech

Symbiotech specialises in wireless mesh technologies, primarily Wirepas. Based in Melbourne with offices in Europe and Hong Kong, we have been helping our clients get Wirepas solutions to market.

Our team has expertise in full-stack web development, firmware, the design of large-scale distributed systems, and of course wireless mesh radio technologies.

Symples is our Wirepas platform to enable effortless scalability and interoperability, born from our experience working on 20+ Wirepas projects deployed across thousands of sites.

Learn more on http://www.symbiotech.com.

About Minew

Minew is a leading loT device manufacturer and innovator, providing cutting-edge smart devices and solutions worldwide. With decades of experience, our diverse range of products incorporates advanced technologies like Bluetooth® LE, AOA/AOD, RTLS, RFID, GPS, LoRa, UWB, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, LTE-M, 4G, 5G, and now Wirepas..

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