Minew completes larger size electronic shelf labels for high-end offices, meeting rooms and hospitals

Brand new retail style, Minew deserves your trial “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Dambisa Moyo, Zambian Economist and Writer Minew is glad to tell fans who are looking forward to the expansion of Minew’s MTag19 Series that MTag58 and MTag75 are about to join the family. The MTag19 Series currently consist of four members: the youngest 1.5 inches, stunner 2.13 inches, powerful 2.9 inches and big brother 4.2 inches.
MTag58 and MTag75 inherited the unique advantages of previous products in battery life and display area, performs much better in image resolution. New arrivals continue to adopt Bluetooth 5.0 technology, delivering better stability in signal transmission and coverage compared to private channels. Under the same environment, Minew’s gateway has long range and low failure rate, reducing deployment cost and system crash rate. Larger size ESLs are expected to be popular in high-end office buildings, conference rooms, hospitals, warehouses and other places. With wider screen to display more information and large viewing angles, the new products can even realize a mini positioning system through the RGB indicator lights pre-installed in the tags. Click the links below to test it now!