MINEW ESL solution cooperated with OPPO Changsha to build a mobile smart store

MINEW ESL-Electronic Shelf Label solution, is not only display in beauty stores, cross-border E-commerce stores, supermarkets, warehousing and other fields but also focused on the social interaction favored by many merchants as the consumer groups become younger and more personalized in the household appliance industry. Now, with the socialization of merchants becomes more apparent, merchants has realized that they have to combine online with offline if they want to know the potential of customers’ need. There is the best solution about the combination of online with offline is to integrate the ESL into the brick-and-mortar store. Therefore, the OPPO store in Changsha has chosen to cooperate with and jointly create a smart retail with Minew ESL Smart retail solution after compared by many suppliers.


What is Electronic Shelf Label System?

Electronic Shelf Label is an electronic display device with the function of sending and receiving information, and can be placed on the shelves in supermarkets, pharmacies,meeting room, school, personal name tags etc. This means that the traditional paper price tags will be replaced by the electronic shelf label. Each ESL connects to the mall’s own computer database via a wired or wireless network. The latest information about the commodity will be displayed through the ESL screen, which gets rid of the condition of manually changing the price label and achieves the price consistency, reduces the errors between the cashier and the shelf. In the meantime, LED flash light are able to indicate the statuses of the Labels and located the product easily. Utilizing the BLE 5.0 technology (longer range & faster speed), Minew Mtag smart solutions can save your time dramatically and time is treasure.

Application of ESL in 3C Digital Store

The application of ESL in 3C digital store solves the problems,for example, updating of digital products, diversified promotional activities and the changeable price. The 3C digital stores has introduced many advanced technology products and intelligent devices, thus optimizing the operation effect of the store and enhancing the sense of customer experience. With the help of the ESL, the 3C digital store have realized a new business model with the same price online and offline since the use of ESL.