Minew Exhibit MTag Electronic Shelf Labels At The MWC Shanghai 2019

The MWC 2019 held in Shanghai on June 26-28 has come to an end. It is the world’s largest technology conference which is covering the full 5G networks. The event has attracted many well-known companies to participate around the world. During the show, Minew exhibited the latest MTag Series ESL(Electronic Shelf Labels) in the Avnet area.


MTag Series ESL exhibited in Avnet area

At the site, Avnet achieved the linkage between the products of the entire exhibition area with Minew Smart Retail Platform by using 2.9-inch black/white/red MTag ESLs and Bluetooth Gateway. Through the cloud platform to changing the ESL price information by one-click which brings the audience a better IoT experience too.

Furthermore, Avnet also has an independent exhibition area for Minew ESL Smart Retail Solution which can let audience to experience more about the different sizes of ESLs, the display contents on the screen, and the convenient operation of Minew Smart Retail Cloud Platform.

Minew Smart Retail Solution exhibition area

The newest MTag Series ESLs

Minew staff demonstrates how to use the Cloud Platform

Minew ESL Smart Retail Solution is a specialized IoT solution for retailers. It can provide retailers with a complete online and offline retail system services that can help retailers optimize the store management, achieve the smart operation of stores, and brings customers with the ultimate shopping experience.

In the future, Minew will enhance the performance of ESLs through continuous technological innovation and makes all retailers can afford to use it.