Minew Introduces MST01, the Industrial Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Sensor

Shenzhen, China – Minew, a leading IoT smart device designer and manufacturer, has unveiled its groundbreaking new product, the MST01 Industrial Temperature and Humidity Sensor. This cutting-edge device promises to revolutionize the way businesses monitor and manage their environment. With its advanced sensing capabilities and intuitive design, the MST01 is sure to become a must-have for any organization looking to optimize its operations.

MST01 the Industrial Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Sensor

Why do we recommend industrial temperature and humidity sensors?

Industrial temperature and humidity sensors are typically utilized in locations with high temperature and humidity requirements, which paves the way for their widespread employment in contemporary society. The accurate management of the environment, notably the real-time tracking of temperature and humidity changes, can be said to be indispensable to sectors like medical care and storage. The information technology, manufacturing, medical, and other sectors are likewise requiring higher and higher levels of intelligence in response to the maturing sensor technology developed by numerous industry tycoons like Minew. Industrial temperature and humidity sensors are commonly employed in various industries to increase their intelligence.

MST01 Industrial Temperature and Humidity Sensor was born this way.

4 optional probes for high precision in different industrial applications: The MST01 is outfitted with 4 different optional probes that perform differently in terms of waterproofness, dustproofness, and working temperature in order to cooperate with temperature and humidity monitoring in various settings. This gives users additional options. However, they share the same great qualities, namely superb stability, real-time measurement and high measurement accuracy, convenience and practicality, and a broad range of application fields. We may examine MST01’s allure in greater detail below.

The probe with the cable is around 3.28 to 6.56 ft (1 to 2 meters)

* The probe with the cable is around 3.28 to 6.56 ft (1 to 2 meters).

Automatic alert when abnormal data are detected: The MST01 with alarm threshold can automatically alarm when abnormal temperature and humidity are detected. When the measured value exceeds the upper limit alarm value, the temperature and humidity monitoring equipment will send an alarm to the user. In addition, the temperature and humidity can be monitored in real-time after integrated with a variety of compatible cloud platforms, and users can also remotely query the temperature and humidity in real-time with their mobile phones through the development project, which is useful for unattended monitoring. Moreover, Minew’s TagCould Platform is available for users to demo and test, helping you speed up time to market.

Stand up in extreme conditions: The industrial sensor is supported by a main body that is dust- and waterproof, as well as 4 optional probes that are also highly dust- and waterproof, so it will not be adversely affected even if it is in a harsh environment.

Max wide-range temperature monitoring from -40 to 125℃: The MST01 Industrial Temperature and Humidity Sensor provides real-time data on temperature and humidity levels in industrial settings. This helps companies to keep a close eye on their operations and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

S1 Temperature Humidity Sensor is only the beginning.

The display screen of the MST01 is intuitive and more practical. It can deliver customers with more precise services for local data that is simply presented and has a storage capacity of up to 20,480 pieces. In terms of broadcast range, MST01 improves upon S1 in both quantity and quality. In addition to enlarging the monitoring area, the ultra-wide coverage of up to 656 ft (200 m) also makes deployment easier and lowers expenses.

MST01 – a new game-changer stands out.

MST01 Industrial Temperature and Humidity Sensor is a game-changer for the IoT industry. It provides companies with real-time data on temperature and humidity levels in industrial settings, which can help to improve efficiency, enhance safety, and support better decision-making. With its robust design, easy installation, and multiple communication options, MST01 Industrial Temperature and Humidity Sensor is poised to become a staple in the world of IoT.

MST01 Industrial Temperature and Humidity Sensor is now available for purchase in Minewstore. Feel free to contact Minew Technologies and we can offer professional customization service and support services.