Minew Joins Cisco DNA Spaces to expand BLE IoT Services Use Case for Cisco Customers

Shenzhen, China – [5th January 2021] – Minew today announced a new integration with Cisco’s DNA Spaces platform to enable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) IoT solutions in workspaces, education and more. In integrating their IoT products with Cisco DNA Spaces, the industry’s leading IoT services platform, Minew will help enterprise customers realize their IoT potential.

Minew Joins Cisco DNA Spaces to expand BLE IoT Services Use Case for Cisco Customers

Minew is a leading IoT manufacturer in China since 2007. Minew provides smart devices for IoT solutions, including BLE, RFID, and other emerging technologies. Minew helps enterprise customers utilize these smart devices to optimize resources efficiently, and with minimized costs. With the vision of connecting the World, Minew is committed to be a pioneer in a new era; where everything is seamlessly connecting beyond equipment, software, and solutions.

Cisco DNA Spaces is a powerful, end-to-end, indoor location services cloud platform that provides wireless customers with rich location-based services. It delivers the industry’s most scalable location-based platform, while being compatible across existing Cisco Aironet®, Cisco Catalyst®, and Cisco Meraki® infrastructure, as well as select Cisco Collaboration endpoints, with flexible deployment options. Cisco DNA Spaces offers a pre-integrated IoT Device ecosystem, available in the IoT Device Marketplace, making Cisco DNA Spaces the only true out-of-the-box, end-to-end IoT experience in the enterprise market.

“We believe, joining with Cisco implies the recognition of our products, and the integration inevitably brings a better experience for our clients, and a push for future innovation”- Eason Hwang, product manager from Minew.

Minew is the first new member of the IoT Device Marketplace since going live in October. This integration offers key benefits to customers, including:

  •  Scalability: Minew’s manufacturing and supply chain brings quality products that can be seamlessly integrated, deployed, and managed through the Cisco DNA Spaces IoT Services.
  •  Variety: Customers can now purchase temperature and humidity sensors, rugged trackers, in addition to other newly added products.
  • Low cost: Minew knows cost is important, and brings some of the most competitive prices to the market.

“With DNA Spaces, customers can now manage and monitor Minew devices, bringing our customers an end-to-end IoT solution at a much lower cost. Minew products will work with any DNA Spaces ecosystem application in the App Center, greatly expanding use cases such as patient flow.”  – Lucas Hanson, Sr. PM Cisco DNA Spaces.

Cisco DNA Spaces is the backbone that, combined with Minew, will enable customer to successfully embrace emerging IoT use cases, including:

  •  Asset Tracking: Real-time visibility to the location and status of assets in the workspace, healthcare, and education.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Customers can leverage Minew temperature and humidity monitoring to optimize working environments and gain deeper insights into how spaces are being used.
  •  Patient Flow: Hospitals now have access to Minew’s wearable beacon to ensure an optimized and safer experience for employees or patients.

Minew will be able to expand its footprint through the Cisco DNA Spaces IoT ecosystem, support more customers with location solutions, and explore the possibilities of an intelligent future by connecting everything. Minew will help Cisco customers to see better, extend more intelligently, and take more effective actions with its Cisco DNA Spaces solution.