Minew Joins FiRa Consortium as an Adopter Member to Support UWB Connectivity

Shenzhen, China -(July. 30, 2021)- Minew has joined the FiRa Consortium as an adopter member to show the commitment to help expand the UWB ecosystem by integrating UWB technology meeting agreed-to specifications into products.

By joining the FiRa Consortium, Minew is positioned to stick to the organization’s efforts to establish an ecosystem of UWB devices. Minew brings along broad expertise in wireless devices, ready to expand the business based on UWB in the forthcoming innovations.

The FiRa Consortium is a member-driven organization focused on the secure fine ranging and positioning capabilities of interoperable UWB devices. Fine ranging and positioning capabilities allow UWB devices to very accurately and securely determine the position of peer devices, making the technology ideal for exciting use cases including hands-free access control, location-based services and device-to-device services.


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Adding enhanced accuracy, strong anti-interference, larger scale, and more flexible Geo-fencing

Ultra-wideband (UWB) is a radio technology that can use a very low energy level for short-range, high-bandwidth communications over a large portion of the radio spectrum. UWB has applications in non-cooperative radar imaging, target sensor data collection, precision locating and tracking applications. As of September 2019, UWB support has started to appear in high-end smartphones.

Applying UWB technology to IoT applications, there will be many advantages that outperform other wireless technologies.


Positioning based on UWB can achieve centimeter-level accuracy of 0.1-0.3 meters (depending on the actual environment), enabling highly accurate location of people and objects.


UWB transmissions transmit information by generating radio energy at specific time intervals and occupying a large bandwidth, thus enabling pulse-position or time modulation for strong anti-interference.


UWB base stations for positioning are generally deployed in an open area of about 30-50 meters, depending on the venue environment. With the same number of base stations, UWB technology can cover a larger area.


With the UWB positioning, the accuracy can be up to about 10cm, allowing to easily bind the camera, and accurately delineate the Geo-fencing (dangerous areas, and critical areas, etc.), to make a linkage between the camera and area.

As a leading global enterprise in the wireless industry, Minew will collaborate with industry partners to accelerate UWB technology with over a decade of experience in wireless products innovation & manufacturing, delivering ODM & OEM services. Joining the FiRa Consortium as an adopted member is a significant step to fulfill the vision of bringing physical and digital world together.

About FiRa Consortium

The FiRa name, which stands for “fine ranging” and is pronounced “fee-rah”, highlights UWB technology’s unique ability to deliver unprecedented accuracy and security when measuring the distance to a target or determining position. As an industry Consortium, FiRa believes UWB technology can transform the way people experience connectivity, and FiRa is committed to the widespread adoption of UWB-driven applications. https://www.firaconsortium.org/

About Minew

Minew is an industrial-leading provider and manufacturer of wireless products and services, with more than 13 years’ experiences on production, R&D and innovation in IoT industry. Carrying with the vision of bringing physical and digital world together, Minew commits to connecting the world with our wireless products and technologies including but not limited to BLE, RTLS,RFID, GPS, UWB, LTE Cat-M1, NB-IoT. With a group of experienced and efficient R&D staff, well-coordinated workers in the production lines, Minew are ready to design and manufacture to customers exact specifications for customized commitments.