Minew Launches a New Rechargeable Gateway: Providing Network Services during Power Cuts.

Shenzhen, China, January 14, 2023 – Minew technologies (872374), a global leading provider of smart IoT device solutions, has officially released its first rechargeable WiFi gateway today for commercial use. MG4 Smart Rechargeable Gateway is a Bluetooth® gateway equipped with a rechargeable and removable battery that can last above 10 hours of runtime to guarantee reliable data transfer, ideal for data collection and monitoring from Bluetooth® LE devices.

MG4 Smart Rechargeable Gateway

The MG4 Smart Rechargeable Gateway is also bundled and delivers value in Minew’s IoT Starter Kit MOS, which is recommended for smart office applications. It can work with a variety of Bluetooth devices, and users may configure data upload to the cloud or local servers using the MQTT or HTTP protocols.

“We are excited to launch this innovative product that addresses a critical need in today’s connected world,” said Johnson, co-founder of Minew Technologies. “Our rechargeable gateway provides uninterrupted network services, making it a must-have for any business that relies on a stable internet connection.”

How quickly does the MG4 react to power outages or network offline?

Internal large-capacity backup battery: The MG4 gateway can withstand the majority of power outages for the reason that it contains a power cable connector and a rechargeable battery. It keeps data on board and sends data in JSON format through WiFi when the network is down. The MG4 could provide assistance in managing personnel and resources to improve operations, boost output, and reduce costs.

Capable of storing 1,080 records of data: Data loss due to network issues is prevented by the gateway’s ability to rejoin the network even when it is offline, and it can store up to 1,080 records of data. This feature allows MG4 to endure most network interruptions. Data packets are downloaded and uploaded in a timely manner without notice. Users can configure data filtration, scanning intervals, and uploading intervals for improved data management and more precise data receipt under different circumstances.

Why should we recommend the MG4 gateway in our product portfolio?

High throughput and filterable data

The gateway is capable of collecting and uploading up to 75 data packets per second. The user can configure data filtration, scanning intervals, and uploading intervals to obtain better data flow control and more accurate data receiving in various scenarios.

Installation flexibility and simplicity

The MG4 gateway accepts 5V/1A or 12V/2A power supply and can be placed on ceilings, walls, or horizontal surfaces using brackets or 3M adhesives. The SmartConfig technique can configure and connect MG4 to a network in a few simple steps.

Wide compatibility and high security

Aside from the point we mentioned, users can upload data to the cloud or local servers using MQTT/HTTP. Additionally, the SSL/TCP security protocol is optional for MQTT. Data privacy and security can be protected by autonomous control of data flow.

Where does the MG4 gateway stand out?

Smart workplace

The MG4 gateway smartly and efficiently collects data from office area beacons and sensors. It could be combined with a variety of sensors to dynamically monitor and alter the office environment. For example, MG4 can be utilized with door magnetic sensors and infrared sensors to achieve area access control and room occupancy detection, boosting office efficiency. MG4 may enable employee check-in/out and visitor management using personnel positioning beacons.

Smart workplace

Smart venue

The MG4 gateway can operate autonomously in the case of a power outage or a network outage, making it perfect for usage in hazardous locations or where data collection is vital, such as museums or archives. Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the environment.