Minew Launches Partner Program to Drive More Efficient Growth

Minew today announces the launch of Minew Partner Program, building an ecosystem of partners that generate more qualified leads with partners. Throughout more than 15 years of deep plowing into IoT industries striving from an explorer to one of the leading players, Minew has profoundly learned what powerful partnerships can achieve.

In that regard, we have been laying a great deal of emphasis on developing a platform that bridges both parties in branding, marketing, sales, new product development, and more, resulting in the Minew Partner Program. Partnerships help open up any potential joint business opportunity for both parties, accelerating the growth of the company for more effective and cost-effective customer solutions.

Minew Partner Program, which is currently in development and expects to recruit 20 partners worldwide, serves as a nexus of resources, people, and ideas that work together to generate strong synergy and deliver powerful results.

Minew Partner Program is divided into the following categories including solution partners, platform partners, software and system integration partners to meet partners of different business types.

“Our commitment to our partners: we focus on having a well-defined mission, continuous innovation, and supporting partners to emerge in the IoT world. As long as the customer is happy, we are happy, and we always strive to bring the best to our customers. Nothing is cooler than a smile from our customer.” says Minew Co-founder Johnson.

partner program

Reach New Markets and Segments

We create what is aligned with both companies’ strategy and business goals, and we’re absorbed in what motivates and engages partners to deliver more value for end users. Exploring alongside the road to development, both of us are bridged to mutual benefits.

Not only does Minew Partner Program provide immense support in marketing, sales, software loyalty, but extends to new product development, and some priorities, etc. For more detailed info, please reach your sales rep.

Limited Seats. Seize Yours

Persistent focus and elaborate operation are what we have always carried from concept to practice. To be able to better serve our partners and refine and customize cooperation strategies and other services, only 20 partners from all over the world will be invited to Minew partner program.

During the pilot project phase of Minew Partner Program, four leading IoT companies were already on board.


Navigine is a global provider of integrated positioning technologies that enable advanced indoor navigation and proximity solutions with over 3000 client installations worldwide and over 150 public mobile and web applications. Navigine software platform includes 2 major technology products:

✔ Mobile SDK to integrate indoor navigation, marketing and analytics functions into any app.

✔ Software system for quick deployment of asset and vehicle tracking inside large buildings.

These products are used to create applications in multiple industries: Healthcare, Transportation, Retail, Manufacturing, etc.


Prokobi LLC is an end-to-end Internet of Things solutions provider based in the United States of California. Prokobi provides advanced and innovative IoT solutions with low-power wireless devices for various industries. In addition to ready-to-use package solutions, it provides tailor-made solutions specific to your business.


Quuppa is a leading provider of Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) for indoor positioning. Connectivity is now everywhere, yet we need more than connectivity to make things “smart”. Only by enriching data and connectivity with location will our world truly become smart.

Quuppa enables your business to achieve more with RTLS for indoor positioning & tracking across varied industries; manufacturing & logistics, healthcare, smart buildings, retail, and more.


Wirepas is changing the face of IoT. To set a new standard. To skip the nonsense. To get infinitely scalable connectivity. Gentle on your wallet and way better than cellular 5G. In a network that never fails. Without middlemen or infrastructure. Totally self-managing. Tailored for commercial and industrial applications. Just more than you need. For less. Wirepas gives you very very good IoT.

Minew Partner Program Applications Are Open!

The partner program is now officially released and open to all companies. Get in touch with Minew sales reps to start scaling faster and enhance revenue with Minew partner program.