MINEW Launches Upgraded Smart Door Sensor Offering Reliable Security Solutions

Minew announces the launch of the new S4 Smart Door Sensor – firmware updates, enhanced performance! This smart sensor utilizes Bluetooth® LE technology and advanced magnetic detection to deliver real-time monitoring and insights for doors and windows. Offering a streamlined installation process, efficient power management, and over-the-air firmware updates, the S4 Smart Door Sensor sets a new trend in the security industry.

S4 Smart Door Sensor


What’s the impact of the Door Sensor on the Security Industry?

The door sensor plays a critical role in the security industry by providing real-time monitoring of access points, such as doors and windows, in residential and commercial properties. By detecting the open or closed state of doors and alerting users to any unauthorized entry, door sensors serve as an essential component of modern security systems. Additionally, door sensors help improve efficiency and convenience by allowing seamless integration with smart home automation, allowing users to control and monitor access points remotely. Their importance continues to grow as the demand for advanced security solutions rises.

door sensor


Why Do We Recommend S4 for Your Security Solution?

S4 Smart Door Sensor is an ideal security solution for your home or business. With its advanced Bluetooth® LE 5.0 technology, the S4 ensures stable and long-range communication. Its magnetic detection and tamper alerts offer real-time updates on access points, enhancing security. The S4’s efficient power management and support for OTA firmware updates ensure optimal performance and longevity, minimizing maintenance efforts. Easy installation and versatile placement options make the S4 Smart Door Sensor a convenient choice in any environment.


What Can We Expect from the S4?

Tamper-Proof Magnetic Sensor

Low-power magnetic sensor offers tamper-proof and magnetic detection features for enhanced security. It provides comprehensive protection through tamper alarms and door magnetic alarms for your business or home.

S4 Smart Door Sensor Tamper-Proof Magnetic Sensor

MSensor App for Configuration

Customize broadcasting settings via the MSensor app, including power-saving and regular modes. Export history records as spreadsheet files, and set door magnetic detection time periods.

Easy to Set Up

S4 features dual-sided adhesive installation and a circuit-free magnetic body for easy placement on doors and windows. Achieve seamless monitoring and enhanced security with ease.

Moreover, the S4 Smart Door Sensor offers a range of advanced features to enhance your security system. With an impressive 100-meter broadcast range, it ensures reliable long-distance communication. Benefit from scheduled monitoring capabilities and 2,048 local data storage for comprehensive tracking of access patterns and security events. The sensor’s design allows for easy battery replacement, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation. Additionally, support for over-the-air (OTA) updates keeps your device current with the latest firmware and features, providing you with optimal performance and convenience.

The release of the new S4 Smart Door Sensor is another step forward in the effort to provide innovative solutions to our clients. With its extensive capabilities, the S4 Smart Door Sensor is ready to impact the way we consider  business security.