Minew releases new BLE Beacons that support Line Beacon

Minew recently released new Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 Beacons that support Line Beacon standard. With the launch of the new Beacons, clients can now configure a BLE beacon embedded with Line Beacon on the BeaconSET+ app. Currently, Minew’s  BLE Beacons based on the high-quality Nordic Bluetooth 5.0 chip, such as  i7 Rock Beacon  and E2 Max Beacon, support broadcasting Line Beacon signals. Firmwares can be updated over the air.
Minew is one of the few Beacon brands on the market that can simultaneously support the three broadcasting protocols, namely iBeacon, Eddystone and Line Beacon. With different protocol options and technical support, Minew helps clients  build up their core competitiveness to win bigger market. Being responsible to clients, Minew continues to innovate technologies, improve quality and enhance customer experience, striving to become a top brand in the industry. About LINE Beacon: LINE Beacon is a beacon protocol similar to Apple’s iBeacon and Google’s Eddystone. The LINE app has a wide user base in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. Line Beacon is mainly used in commercial facilities, amusement facilities, tourist attractions, stations and other facilities. Through the LINE app, users can receive special promotion information like coupons and special offers sent via beacons installed in shopping malls, stations, etc.