More than a card type BLE beacon

Minew is coming with its new product! The new generation of BLE5.0 card beacon C10 supports both iBeacon / Eddystone protocol, featured with built-in accelerometer sensor which can detect the movement of the attachments, and the on/off button to be programmed for emergency calls. What’s more, C10 supports three different frequency bands of RFID (125KHz, 13.56MHz, 868 ~ 915MHz), which can meet different user demands.
C10 is very popular in people tracking and access control applications! Applicable to a variety of application scenarios: online explanations for tourist attractions and museum; sign-in at exhibitions, forums, and offices; location-based real-time message push such as on-site information; Medical staff tracking in hospital and so on… More details about , please refer to C10 Card beacon