New Arrival! Social Distancing BLE5.0 Wristband B8

As global spread of novel coronavirus is accelerating, Minew released a Bluetooth wristband B8, specially designed for social distancing and contact tracking, to assist the international anti-epidemic work. B8 social distancing wristband is loaded with BLE5.0 technology.

Proximity Alert
B8 has proximity alerts. When another B8 wearer comes within 2-meter, the wristband will vibrate and LED indicator will flash red lights to remind people to step back.

Contact Records
B8 can store close contacts automatically and interact data with MWristband APP.

Low Power Consumption
The device automatically enters sleep mode when it stays inactive for a while, to minimize power consumption and extend the use time.

Easy to Use
Through MWristband APP, user can turn on and off the data storage function and upgrade firmware version over the air.

B8 Social Distancing Wristband Strengths:
● BLE5.0 hardware platform
● Max. 80 meters range
● TPU strap, comply with FDA requirements
● Proximity alarm (vibration and LED reminder)
● 20,000 contact records
● Built-in rechargeable battery
● Low battery alarm
● OTA firmware upgrade
● Touch button
● IP67 protection
● Low power consumption algorithm
● Support data interaction and communication with App

Note: The MWristband APP is a demo application, which only has basic functions. The final version of the APP needs to be developed by customers

Minew Bluetooth Wristband Beacon Lineup
Other beacons, B6 Wristband Beacon, B7 Button Wristband, B8 Social Distancing Wristband, B9 Cut-off Alert Wristband and C7B Sensor Beacon, developed by Minew, have been applied in different COVID-19 prevention solutions by users across the world.