MG5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway


MG5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway serves as a constant companion to assets throughout the supply chain, collecting Bluetooth data and uploading it in real-time to your cloud. It converts vehicle activities into actionable insights for your solutions to boost your business and even revolutionizes supply chain management by ensuring sustained real-time visibility, based on Bluetooth tech, LTE-M & NB-IoT communications, and GPS tracking.

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About the Data Plan

Free SlM Card Traffic for Testing: The gateway comes with 30 MB of data for customer use upon factory delivery.
As long as any of the following conditions are met, the Data Plan of 100 MB per month will become effective.
a. lf the data usage exceeds 30 MB during the 3-month testing period.
b. Exceeding the 3-month testing period.

2.North America:
There is a 6-month testing period, and if exceeding the testing period, the Data Plan of 100 MB per month will become effective.

*The Data Plan is valid for 12 months. For renewal of the data plan, please contact our sales team.

Key Features

• Comprehensive Connectivity: With LTE-M and NB-IoT global connectivity, the MG5 ensures uninterrupted data transmission, enabling real-time monitoring and management across diverse application scenarios.

• Robust Performance: IP67 Dustproof and waterproof, the MG5 is built to withstand challenging environments, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operation even in rugged conditions.

• Precise Positioning: Equipped with high-precision GPS and BDS positioning, the MG5 delivers accurate location-tracking capabilities.

• Enhanced Asset Management: The MG5 enables efficient asset tracking and management, providing valuable insights into the movement, condition, and utilization of assets, optimizing resource allocation, and reducing costs.

• Future-ready Solutions: With its edge computing capabilities and support for Bluetooth Low Energy sensors, the MG5 offers flexible integration and the potential for customized applications across a wide range of industries.

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