MNDB1 Dual Band Bridge for Wiliot IoT Pixels


Wiliot bridges serve 3 operational tasks: energizing Wiliot IoT Pixels, receiving and filtering packets from Pixels, and echoing the filtered packets to gateways. Minew MNDB1 Dual Band Bridge is designed for high-efficient seamless deployment of Wiliot IoT pixels. It features a Sub-1 GHz antenna for energizing Pixels and a 2.4 GHz antenna for echoing Wiliot Bluetooth packets.

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Designed for seamless Wiliot Pixel deployments, it excels at energizing IoT Pixels, filtering packet data, and expertly echoing crucial information to gateways. This bridge supports asset tracking, inventory management, temperature sensing, and proximity applications.

• Seamless Integration with Wiliot Ecosystem
Elevating IoT connectivity, the MNDB1 Bridge masterfully integrates with Wiliot’s ecosystem. It harmoniously energizes Wiliot IoT Pixels, ensuring uninterrupted data flow, while its adept filtering capabilities enhance signal accuracy.

• Tailored for Optimal Performance
Crafted with precision, the MNDB1 Bridge is optimized exclusively for Wiliot deployments. Its dual-band prowess incorporates a Sub-1 GHz antenna for pixel energizing and a 2.4 GHz antenna for retransmitting Wiliot Bluetooth packets, guaranteeing flawless communication.

• Versatile Applications
Unlocking diverse possibilities, the MNDB1 Bridge finds its niche in asset tracking, inventory management, temperature sensing, and proximity. Its versatility caters to varied industry needs, empowering efficient data collection and analysis.

• Supporting a Range of Wiliot Pixels
The MNDB1 Bridge extends its capabilities to Dual Band, Single Band, and Battery Assisted Wiliot Pixels. Its flexibility ensures seamless integration with different pixel types, maximizing the potential of your IoT network.

MNDB1 Dual Band Bridge

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