Redefining Vehicle Parking Management – The Most Rugged Road Stud Beacon MBM03

Minew Technologies, a leading designer and manufacturer of IoT smart hardware devices, recently announced the launch of MBM03 Rugged Road Stud Beacon, a Bluetooth® location beacon ideal for maintenance-free outdoor and indoor parking scenarios. This road stud beacon aims to solve a series of potential vehicle management and parking management problems, helping to create a smarter, safer, and more efficient parking lot and vehicle management space.

Road Stud Beacon MBM03

MBM03 rugged road stud beacon, in addition to its impressively tough and dual-sided reflective layers like raised pavement marker, is a true Bluetooth road stud beacon that utilizes positioning technology to its fullest potential, offering advantages in parking utilization and optimization, Vehicle positioning and tracking, Navigation planning, and wayfinding.

Johnson, Minew’s co-founder, stated. “The MBM03 outperforms Minew’s previous i11 road stud beacon by a wide margin.” We are always looking for ways to do new possibilities, and MBM03 was born. What precisely is super-enhanced durability? I believe, the MBM03 is the most dependable solution, with the highest IK rating for impact resistance, longer service life, and vehicle test certifications.”

Why should we recommend MBM03 in our product portfolio?

MBM03 bridges the gap between ultra-durable and ultra-long battery life beacons. It has the following features:

▪ Robust and rugged housing against 6-Ton load pressure

▪ 10 years or more service life

▪ IK10 impact protection

▪ IP68 dust & water resistance

▪ Dual-sided reflective layer film

▪ 246 ft (75 m) broadcast distance

Redefining Vehicle and Parking Management

It’s more than a common raised pavement marker, but you can benefit more from MBM03 Rugged Road Stud Beacon.

▪Smart parking

Installing MBM03 rugged road stud beacon in the parking lot area, in conjunction with the relevant cloud platform, allows the administrator to collect parked vehicle information and detect parking space usage via interactive beacons, allowing parking lot digital management such as parking space entry and exit and resource optimization to be realized.

▪Route navigation

Route planning for end users in shopping malls, hospitals, and offices, for example, can be accomplished using proficient algorithms, platforms, and mobile devices. Before arriving at the parking lot, the driver can use his or her phone or in-vehicle device to get directions or view available parking spaces on a map, increasing efficiency. On the contrary, when leaving, the car owner can quickly locate the parked vehicle on the map.

Shared vehicle parking management

By installing MBM03 rugged road stud beacon in the parking areas of shared vehicles, it communicates with the onboard smart lock Bluetooth chip to help with parking, ensuring that all vehicles are parked in permitted areas and that no disruptive parking behavior occurs. Furthermore, for the ride-sharing industry, the parking status of designated areas can be tracked more precisely, improving management efficiency and lowering maintenance costs.

Minew MBM03 rugged road stud beacon is available for purchase directly from Minew Store, for more information: