Study Guide on Bluetooth/WiFi Gateway

Everything You Need to Know About the Bluetooth/WiFi Gateway

A Bluetooth/WiFi gateway is gaining quick popularity these days. That’s because it helps the Bluetooth-based products connect to other hardware or devices. It transmits all types of information from Bluetooth devices to the cloud. These devices include both beacons and Bluetooth sensors. Another great thing about this Bluetooth-based device is that you do not have to alter anything when you are transmitting data through it. That’s not all! There is a lot more to this Bluetooth-based device. Want to know about it in detail? Keep reading then. You will find everything you need to know below.

What Is A Bluetooth/WiFi Gateway?

Let’s first talk about the Bluetooth/WiFi gateway in detail and then we will switch to its working. It is a device that connects Bluetooth-based products to other devices or hardware. The gateway we talk about here is the beacon gateway, a reader in a BLE beacon setup. It can also be defined as a Bluetooth-enabled reader that enables the communication between Bluetooth low-energy beacons. It also allows data transmission from smart devices to BLE beacons in the same building and vice versa.

With the gateway as the bridge of reality and digit, all the objects attached with Bluetooth beacons can be monitored in the cloud. Life will be easier and more convenient as every thing can be visible even though not being surrounded.

How Does A Bluetooth/WiFi Gateway Work?

The working of the Bluetooth/WiFi gateway is quite straightforward. All you need to do is pair your Bluetooth device to the Bluetooth gateway device. This will allow the gateway to send data from the Bluetooth device to the cloud. After the first time connection between the Bluetooth devices and the gateway, they will automatically transmit data when activated again. The signal sent by the Bluetooth devices will be received by the gateway once permitted.

Another important thing to know here is that the Bluetooth/WiFi gateway works by scanning for Bluetooth devices that are present in its range. Once the gateway finds a device, it detects the services of the device and the data structures of characteristics. After this, the gateway processes an HTTP or other communication protocols’ request.

When the Bluetooth/WiFi gateway processes the HTTP request for the process of the data structure, it uses the cached data for this. That’s because the cached data helps the gateway in responding to the majority of these requests. However, in case the gateway finds the request from the Bluetooth device for real data, it then initiates an immediate connection with the Bluetooth device. This helps the gateway in fetching the data instantly.

How to Configure and Use the Bluetooth/WiFi Gateway?

In terms of size and shape, the Bluetooth/WiFi gateway mainly resembles an external wireless modem. However, it functions similarly that to a network router. The majority of the gateways have a power adapter with themselves. You can easily plug this power adapter into any standard power outlet that you find on the wall.

In addition to this, you will also notice that the gateway devices have feature ports on their backside as well. You can utilize these ports for connecting with different devices or hardware based on your actual application. Moreover, the gateway supports antennas as well. The antenna helps the device in receiving and transmitting Bluetooth signals.

All you need to do is to power up the device and the rest is pretty simple from there. After powering up the device, you can either connect one or multiple standard Bluetooth devices to the Bluetooth/WiFi gateway. Not only this, but you can also pair the gateway with your cellphone. This will allow you to manage the targeted Bluetooth devices by the App on your cellphone whenever you want to check out the real-time situation of the targeted devices, such as its location or movement. More possibilities can be achieved if leveraging the further development on the devices and related technologies.

Some Different Usage Scenarios of a Bluetooth/WiFi Gateway

Let’s take a look at some different usage scenarios of a Bluetooth/WiFi gateway below.

1. In the Smart Building

Yes, you read that right, Bluetooth gateways can produce significant value in smart buildings. By installing Bluetooth gateways at fixed intervals in a building to receive signals emitted from Bluetooth devices within communication range, it can help make the smart building solution a reality. The ecosystem within the building can be established to achieve a more efficient and environmentally-friendly operation, and a secure environment for information and physical security.


2. In the Smart Factory

In order to achieve semi-automated, automated smart factories, many factories and companies have already initiated plans to deploy Bluetooth gateways, and they are already working. The Bluetooth gateways are installed inside the factory according to the actual site area.


3. In the Smart Healthcare Facilities

For healthcare facilities, you can put the Bluetooth gateway in the perfect location. It will permit you to utilize  Bluetooth technology for improved working efficiency and a better caring environment. The Bluetooth gateway helps the optimization of the information management system.


Final Words

A Bluetooth/WiFi gateway offers many different benefits to the users. That’s why it is essential that you learn about it in detail. We hope the above guide helped you understand the technology in depth. However, if you still have any question, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.