The Bluetooth iBeacon Use Case in Automobile 4S Shop

Today, the customer is very different from their predecessors. It’s not surprising when they just whip out their mobile device to compare prices for a model. Customers today are busy looking for information, reviews, best deal and the most practical purchases.

The Bluetooth iBeacons are undoubtedly the dealer’s best foot forward in extending a warm in-store experience to customers and converting them to buyers. Beacons are much more than just a fashionable add-on to your dealership. Considering the affordability of beacons, it’s the best way to reach out to all potential customers and give them what they need immediately and the most practical purchases, instead of waiting around to be wooed by a slick salesperson.


Every dealership has seen their share of super busy days and being there for every customer is next to impossible. in the absence of a iBeacon, there’s a huge chance that the potential customer is stuck waiting for a salesperson to answer questions or book a test drive. These missed opportunities and unimpressed customers can prove to be very expensive for your business!

For the dealership, managing may be a mounting challenge, the bigger challenge though is customer loyalty and in-store experience for potential customers. But now you can use the ble beacon to increase sales efficiency and improve the customer experience.


What can you do with ibeacons in your automobile 4S shop? 

1.Push notifications based on customer’s proximity. 

2.Booking a test drive 

3.Personalised offers 

4.Generate data for user analysis 

5.Automatic social check-ins 

6.After work hours sales conversations 

The Bluetooth iBeacons in  automobile 4S shop  have been catching up lately and it has tremendous potential to boost sales, enhance customer experience and track back-intelligence. 

Lastly, I’d like to share a compelling data point with you. Approximately 50% of a dealership’s customers will change retailers when their guarantee expires. Surveys suggest there may be a way to slow down that churn. Better customer contact and modernized communication could retain over 20% of those customers who chose to switch dealerships. Now it’s simple maths to understand the positive ROI of Bluetooth iBeacons!