The Impact of Location Beacon Technology in Supply Chain

The positive impact of Location Beacon Technology in the Supply Chain is making businesses more productive, efficient, and accurate.

The Location Beacon Technology

In order to comprehend the use of the location beacon technology in the world of the supply chain, it is essential to know what it entails. A location beacon is a transmitter that uses wireless connections. The location beacon establishes a connection with the wireless signals using Bluetooth technology.

Like any other Bluetooth device, a location beacon establishes a link with the other nearby beacons or smart devices. Hence, in simple and understandable terms, the technology embedded in the location beacon develops connections with nearby devices which facilitates in finding and locating products easily in a much faster way.

This is especially useful in product-based businesses. When there is a large amount of inventory, it can become difficult to locate a certain product in a limited time slot. Therefore, the location beacon technology can aid in this manner with much efficiency.


Using Location Beacon Technology to Improve the Supply Chain

Due to the wide variety of advantages associated with beacon locating technology, more businesses and industries are making the switch. The reason it is gaining so much popularity is due to its benefits in real-time scenarios. It is making life much simpler yet efficient. We must emphasize the fact that when a product-based business establishes their businesses, they have to keep up with the inventory systems.

When dealing with products in large quantities, there needs to be an efficient system that keeps all the tabs regarding the products. The location beacon plays a vital role in simplifying this process. It helps in identifying and locating products in large inventories. Their key role is to find the right product in the right place and in record-breaking time.

Moreover, we can also say that the location beacon technology is state-of-the-art technology that incorporates other technologies like Bluetooth low-energy, RIFD, active bar code readers, and much more. As the name suggests, the BLE or Bluetooth Low-Energy is the same as the traditional Bluetooth technology. It just makes use of very low-energy wireless communicating sources for shorter distances. This connectivity allows devices to interact.

The most modern and everyday gadgets we use today have inbuilt Bluetooth Low-Energy technology. This shows us their increased use in today’s world.  It also improves the chances of locating products in different parts of the product inventory.

A mixture of all these modern technologies combines to format the location beacon technology. The major help provided through this technology is that it can locate as well as be aware of the inventory keepers if a product is in the wrong place. Therefore, the idea of incorporating the location beacon in the supply chain can noticeably improve efficacy and production.


Advantages of using the Location Beacon Technology

Nowadays, almost all industries are incorporating the location Beacon technology because of its wide variety of advantages. The reason it is becoming a common part of the supply chain is due to its following features. These features can help you in understanding the location beacon technology in a much better way.

Initially, people may wonder if adding a light Beacon technology can be costly to the business. Adding a location beacon does not affect the internal working of any business. In fact, it is an add-on for an additional feature that makes doing business easier.

Moreover, if one does not want to invest in a location beacon gadget then they can always revert to their smartphones or android systems. All the smartphones and smart gadgets have inbuilt location beacon technology that can read, store and act as a beacon in the product supply chain. Moving on towards the budget, the beacons can cost much less than the RIFD tagging technology.

This technology works on very specific standards that work on the fulfillment of criteria before supplying it to the client. It is a way of keeping a post-delivery check so that there are no mistakes in product deliverance. This particular step helps in regulating client satisfaction.

We can also say that this technology is easy to install because it relies on battery-operated systems. Even a layman can operate them without any qualm. minew is a reliable location beacons manufacturer.

Further Benefits of the Location Beacon Technology

Whenever businesses are starting their ventures, they are always looking into options that can help them in optimizing their business. In order to do so, many inventory and warehouses keeping businesses need like location Beacon Technology. It is a wearable technology that requires the least amount of hand usage.

Generally, since it is wearable, it allows the user to improvise when locating products. Many results conducted over the years show that wearable technologies generate huge revenues because it alters the way that the employees work. It ultimately improves the supply chain because of better employee performance.

Some results show that using light beacons can improve performance by 25%, the reason being that it portrays faster-locating abilities than any human can.  The world is moving fast and so are the problems. Fast problems require fast solutions. It is great in keeping track of all the products. Therefore, it can come in handy if a product has a wrong placement in the inventory system.

Additionally, the design for beacon location technology is changing and improving. This means faster solutions in real-time. It even allows better scanning abilities in case there are impaired barcodes.


In this fast-paced world, everything is happening at speed. Every day businesses require more advanced and sophisticated solutions to their problems. This is why location beacon technology is a modern-day solution to the RIFD tagging and barcode systems. It is rapidly tagging place of the old-fashioned hand-based inventories to computer-based inventories and now it has advanced towards the location beacon gadgets. It is showing immense improvements in actual problems by making instant actions that save time and costs. Rather, it is a unique tool that is performing for a wide variety of businesses and optimizing their production levels. It even shows a huge spike in the customer satisfaction level finally impacting the supply chain towards betterment.