The Latest P1 Plus Helps Shock Detection Effectively

With built-in accelerometer, P1 Plus can detect whether a physical shock or impact has occurred, usually being used on shipments of fragile valuable items to indicate whether a potentially damaging drop or impact may have occurred. Owing to its rugged housing and long lasting battery lifetime, P1 Plus does an extraordinary job on the shock or impact detection in harsh environments, such as logistics and warehouses with rigorous requirements.


How does P1 Plus help shock detection effectively? After installing P1 Plus on the monitored items, the location and movement of the items can be detected as the installed P1 Plus sending out signal and received by the Gateway or other Bluetooth signal receivers. Then the collected data by the signal receiver can be sent to the Cloud End of the users. In this way, the users response to the situation based on the refined data on the Cloud.

Our client has deployed P1 Plus to high value fragile goods to monitor shock patterns, with ambient temperature of 20℃ to 45℃. The results are satisfactory. With P1 Plus mounted on a package, inside or outside, it can largely avoid damages by real-time monitoring. For storage or warehouse where has strict temperature requirement, P1 Plus still performs well with its excellent temperature sensor.

Besides, our client has also updated one application on fleet management for us, as P1 Plus can be fixed on heavy machinery in automobile factories to act as a beacon and monitor shock pattern.

In this case, P1 can help control excess damage to valuable equipment and end product, extremely easy to use and very cost effective. Once the P1 Plus detects an impact it could activate an audible and or visual alarm (further developed by clients), thus alerting management that an impact has occurred. The vehicle or heavy machinery can then be checked over to ensure that it is safe to operate. And once management access the amount of damage they can then take the appropriate action depending on the incident. Of course, the durability enables P1 Plus to reduce damage and replacement costs with its IK09 shockproof.

In this way, P1 Plus is also a perfect choice for predictive maintenance to reduce unplanned downtime costs because of failure, as “perform(ing) maintenance at a scheduled point in time when maintenance activity is most cost-effective and before the equipment loses performance within a threshold”.

More applications and use cases are for you to discover. P1 is the right one if you need a beacon which is durable, scalable, profitable and excellent in performance.

Editor: Sheila
Reviewer: Rosa