Top Reasons to Invest in Our Beacon Bluetooth 5.0 and Similar Technologies

Beacon Bluetooth 5.0 is a big revolution in the world of beacons. Most of the latest devices in the market are Bluetooth 5-ready devices. From laptops to smartphones, approximately 8.2 billion+ devices across the globe use Bluetooth technology. It is a technology that is playing a vital role in various aspects of our daily lives. After the emergence of the IoT, it will grow quickly in the next few years. Millions of new devices will enter the market in the coming years. Industrial IoT and real-time location monitoring systems are big winners – all credits to Bluetooth 5.0.

Given the ever-rising popularity of IoT, MINEW offers a range of beacon Bluetooth 5.0 and similar technologies. In this blog, we will let you understand why you should invest in Bluetooth 5.0 and/or similar technologies by MINEW.

Reasons to Buy MINEW Beacon Bluetooth 5.0 and Other Technologies

From the above facts about the Bluetooth 5.0 beacons, you can understand the significance of this technology. However, you would still have a question in mind; why you should choose MINEW technologies. MINEW, around for over 14 years, is known as one of the most trusted providers of the technology.

Take a closer look at the following reasons why you should invest in our Bluetooth 5.0 beacon technology.

Replace Wi-Fi with Low-Power Bluetooth

The beacon Bluetooth 5.0 is four times better than its predecessors in terms of the range. It means that you can connect your device from far away. Therefore, it is now a possibility to replace your Wi-Fi with Bluetooth 5.0 for communication between various IoT applications. If you are not familiar with the world of IoT, you need to know at least a little about it.

The IoT world is ever fluctuating and evolving. It is difficult to forecast which technology would be a success and which shouldn’t be in the future. Therefore, most connected devices (or smart devices) are equipped with various connectivity options. For instance, some popular smart thermostats support multiple communications standards: BLE, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi.

However, things are not the same with beacon Bluetooth 5.0 technology. With Bluetooth 5.0, the communication range is now much more than what it was previously. Thus, it lets users have complete control over smart home appliances or products. A few examples of such products can be smart locks, smart bulbs, and smart windows, etc. Wi-Fi technology consumes a lot of power to control these devices. Therefore, the new technology, such as our E6 Light Beacon removes the need for a power-hungry Wi-Fi for controlling smart devices.

Beacon Bluetooth 5.0 Moreover, the improved range of the Bluetooth 5.0 also ensures that the devices can work seamlessly from greater distances. Take the example of an old model Bluetooth speaker. Its connection breaks up immediately when your smartphone gets a little away in distance.

Much Improved Data Transfer Rate among Devices

It is another big reason why you should invest in our beacon Bluetooth 5.0 product. There are double perks to enjoy. One is that you will benefit from much faster rates of data transfer. While the other benefit lies in the fact that the power consumption will reduce to half. Bluetooth 5.0 comes with double transmission speed than the previous version Bluetooth 4.2. It allows you to transmit data much faster.

This factor might not hold critical importance in the world of IoT, at the first glance. The reason is that speed usually doesn’t play a huge part in many IoT use cases or applications that don’t require streaming. One prominent example of such an application is a fitness wristband. These devices require a smaller amount of data transfer for information, like steps count, and pulse, etc. So, the Bluetooth 4.2 speed would be enough for such applications.

But again, the low-power consumption of Bluetooth 5.0 is a compelling factor to go for our beacon Bluetooth 5.0 product. Another reason why you should invest in Bluetooth 5.0 is that it ensures faster firmware or software updates. It allows users to update firmware much quicker than the previous Bluetooth versions.

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Increased Broadcast Capacity

The enhanced broadcast capacity of Bluetooth 5.0 provides up to an 800% boost in the broadcasting capacity of the data. The data you want to transfer will be more intelligent and richer. It is a different and improved way we connect with various devices. For instance, rather than using Bluetooth LE with a paired device, the improved broadcasting capacity would activate ‘connectionless’ services. These connectionless services can be navigation, beacons, and geo-targeted information.

Therefore, such devices are capable of receiving and interacting with location-based products/services. The interesting thing is that there is no need to set up a connection beforehand or install additional apps. It is one of the biggest advantages that you will get with this technology.

Support for Mesh Networking

It is an additional, but one of the most crucial features of the beacon Bluetooth 5.0. The Bluetooth low energy is now much stronger for various applications, such as smart waste and asset tracking management. These are just a few use cases where Bluetooth 5.0 is playing a critical role. There is a world of applications where this technology is playing a key role.

use cases where Bluetooth 5.0

Final Thoughts

Bluetooth 5.0 beacons and similar technologies are playing a vital role in various critical applications. Extended range and low-power consumptions are two of the most critical features of this technology. Bluetooth LE has its use in 3 major applications; stationary beacons, telemetry tags, and location tags. Millions of devices today use this technology for various purposes. However, you need Bluetooth 5-ready devices if you want to get benefits from this technology. It is a great revolution in the beacon market that will open endless opportunities in the future.

You can trust MINEW if you are looking for high-quality beacon Bluetooth 5.0 or similar technologies. We have an assortment of beacon products equipped with Bluetooth 5.0.

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