Vaccine Transportation & Storage Accessory Against Delta Variants

The spread of the Delta variant continues to interfere with the global supply of various goods just as consumers are intent on buying more cars, devices and sporting gear than ever. Moreover, outbreaks in South-East Asian countries with low rates of vaccination are causing production plants and logistics networks to shut down temporarily, prolonging the disruption to supply chains. Vaccine donation and distribution to some developing countries such as Vietnam, the main force in production plants, is increasingly demanded by some consumer retailers to revive their businesses.

However, the distinctiveness of the vaccine requires a higher restriction on transportation and storage. The first and foremost is about temperature control. Yet, each year, transportation and storage errors result in the revaccination of many patients and significant financial loss due to wasted vaccines. Failure to transport and store vaccines properly can reduce vaccine potency, resulting in inadequate immune responses in patients and poor protection against disease.

To regain the confidence of the public on vaccination, it is necessary to conduct proper vaccine transportation and storage.

Vaccine transportation & storage accessories by Minew

Many innovative toolkits have come into service for efficient vaccine transportation and storage, such as containers and devices with special materials. Minew provides the accessories to work with these innovations for timely monitoring of the temperature and humidity — the S3 T&H Sensor Tag and S1 T&H Sensor Tag.

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These sensor tags provide real-time temperature and humidity detection to assist you in properly transporting and storing your vaccine supply. Both of the tags are designed for temperature and humidity monitoring with the built-in sensor, while the S3 offers possibilities with the upgraded features. The following charts can clearly see the differences between them.

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So, how to use them? They are out-of-the-box, user-friendly devices. The effortless installation enables them to be ready to work immediately. Just install them on the transportation and storage equipment or in those spaces, and they can detect the real-time temperature and humidity of its ambient environment or objects. Through connection with the configuration App (provided by Minew) or other Cloud platforms (developed by third-party software companies), the real-time data can be presented and stored on the Cloud for monitoring and recording. The responsible manager can remotely monitor the temperature and humidity of the vaccine transportation and storage at any time, and respond promptly when abnormal temperature happens to ensure the efficacy of vaccines. Not only working efficiency would be improved, but the costs could also be reduced by these BLE digital temperature monitoring sensor tags.


Proper storage and handling begin with an effective vaccine cold chain. After the manufacturers providing the vaccine, they or their distributors begin to distribute the vaccine. And the vaccine arrival at the provider facility allows the facility for vaccine storage, handling, and administration. During the whole vaccine cold chain, the temperature and humidity have to be at the proper value. Or, the vaccine potency would be destroyed. Minew provides the temperature & humidity sensor tags to work with the well-trained staff and reliable storage equipment for appropriate vaccine transportation.

  • In-transit temp. & humidity monitoring
  • Vaccine potency guarantee
  • Data traceable & accessible
  • Low energy for long-distance transport


Apart from the well-trained staff and accurate vaccine inventory management system, the sensor tag for temperature and humidity monitoring is also crucial for vaccine storage. The sensor tag helps to protect patients from inadvertently receiving the compromised vaccine and provider facility against costs of revaccinating patients, replacing expensive vaccines, and losing patient confidence in the facility’s practice.

  • Data visibility for inspection
  • Vaccine potency maintenance
  • Standard operating procedures advancement
  • Proof-future storage system

The delta wave may subside soon and the pressure on the global economy be mitigated. If not, or another variant unfortunately occurs, the vaccine transportation and storage will still be a thorny issue or become harder to solve. Minew has already helped some of our partners carry on the efficient and cost-effective temperature monitoring during transportation and storage in various vertical industries, including the vaccine cold chain. Minew commits to offer what we can and are expertise at to help in this protracted battle, and even in new battles.

Editor: Sheila
Reviewer: Rosa