We are worthy of expectations! nRF52811 module-MS50SFB3 from Minew

nRF52811 SoC from Nordic, integrating nRF52840 powerful features like Long-range Zigbee&Thread and adding the newest and greatest BLE5.1 AOA AOD functions, which can achieve direction finding to some extent. Minew, who is professional and reliable IoT solution manufacturers, have developed three types of BLE5.1 module based on nRF52811 Soc. MS50SFB3-u.FL antenna MS50SFB1-PCB antenna MS50SFB2-Ceramic antenna
These three types of nRF52811 module can meet most of the customer’s requirement who are planning to develop Beacons, network processor, proximity solutions, RTLS, asset tracking, smart home based on nRF52811. nRF52811 module enables beacon, asset tracking project can achieve all Bluetooth 5.0 features like Long-range and can short the component costs for the whole project. For network processor, asset smart home project, nRF52811 module are capable for Zigbee&Thread (IEEE802.15.4), this comprehensive connectivity makes MS50SFB are suitable for most of BLE 5.0 long range, ZigBee or thread project. Besides, nRF52811 is similar to nRF52840 not only in supports multiprotocol but also in the high throughput of 2Mbps. Most importantly, compared with nRF52840, nRF52811 is the FIRST CHOICE of the cost-constrained project. However, if you are concerned about the Flash memory and RAM(192kB Flash & 24kB RAM for nRF52811), please still consider Minew’s nRF52840 module-MS88SF2. The link as below:
EVAL-board and EVAL-KIT(development board + nRF52840 dongle + J-Link +3pcs of nRF52811 module) are ready to develop the firmware, and it is an excellent idea if you decide use Minew’s EVAL-Board-MS88MX5. Attention Please: Minew’s MS88MX5 CANNOT achieve the Bluetooth Direction Finding firmware development. However, one pcs of nRF52811 module-MS50SFB solely cannot achieve the features like AOA angle of arrival /AOD angel of departure. If you would like to search the perfect choice as a transmitter in both AOA or AOD scenarios and RTLS based on Nordic nRF52811, please feel free to send your inquiry to info@minew.com Minew, your professional and reliable IoT manufacturer is waiting for your kind enquiry.