What can B7 do during COVID-19

B7 is a new launched BLE5.0 waterproof wristband beacon . The key feature is that the device has smart button and accelerometer sensor inside which can send an alarm when a person falls, and press the button to give a SOS emergency call. B7 with the band that has built-in NFC which can be used for personnel access control and attendance management. And the band is detachable, light weight with good user experience. In use cases like personnel tracking , hospital management, elderly care and worker management, B7 is very popular and useful. Especially in the field of health care, when need to capture doctors and patients trajectories to help improve management efficiency and provide better service, B7 will well meet the needs and give excellent performance. For example, during COVID-19, B7 can be applied to the Geo-fencing solution to monitor isolated people and track movement of the infected patients, reducing the risk of the virus spreading will help control the outbreak !
Now the COVID-19 become a global issue which impact every one of us, but we believe we can defeat it as long as we can work together and help each other! More details about , please refer to B7 Wristband beacon .