What Makes Bluetooth Beacon Good Promotional Items?

Bluetooth beacon conveys security: Many people do not feel comfortable when valuable vacation pictures, family films, notes, favorite music are only saved as a vague amount of data in the cloud. Many users also prefer a local storage medium for sensitive data, such as applications, résumés or academic and academic work – but it still has to be readable and rewritable over and over again.

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People just long for security and the certainty of having important things with them. But that doesn’t have to mean a loss of comfort. Because for years everyone has been able to carry entire bookshelves full of photo albums, their favorite family films and their private library with them – digitally stored and protected on Bluetooth beacon.

Why do you need beacons for your business?

It is a modern era where everyone is looking for decent technology solutions. In this perspective the use of Bluetooth beacon technology is vital. It has boosted the data transformation methods. In this article we are going to explain why do you need to buy beacons for your business?

Stainless steel Beacon

Chic and durable: Robust Beacon come of stainless steel is suitable for archiving valuable data. As technology is always advancing, there is affordable Beacon with storage volumes. It happens in a wide variety of designs and of course with individual printing or laser engraving.


How does the Bluetooth beacon work?

To explain exactly how it works, a brief excursion into electrical engineering is necessary. Data stores in flash memory cells in a Beacon. Each of the cells stands for 1 bit. And since 8 bits add up to 1 byte, a 4 gigabyte Beacon consists of 4 billion bytes. So a Bluetooth beacon with a storage volume of 4 gigabytes consists of 32 billion flash memory cells. Each of these memory cells has the state 0 or 1.

How does the Bluetooth beacon read the binary code of the product?

This creates a binary code that your computer can read out and play back as text, song, photo, film, presentation or something else. The state of the individual flash memory cells can be changed by applying a positive or negative voltage. This means that Beacon is easy to rewrite and data can not only be saved once, but also deleted or changed at any time.


What makes Bluetooth beacon good promotional items?

Good promotional items should

  • have a high level of everyday
  • be used over a long period of time and
  • be individually printable
  • Colored Beacon with a silver aluminum handle
  • Beacon with aluminum brackets are protected from dirt and are inexpensive to buy


A high added value in everyday life

This is undoubtedly true of Bluetooth beacon. Quickly drag the holiday pictures from the camera to the memory stick. It drives to Mum’s, plugs them into the television and the modern slide show starts. Or create the presentation for your colleagues on your own computer; slide it onto the Beacon. Moreover, it simply plugs it into the PC in the meeting room and gets started.

But how durable are Beacons? Experts estimate that USB memory sticks will last between 10 and 30 years. The following applies: The more often data deletes and is overwritten from the stick, the shorter the lifespan. So if you want to archive valuable information, for example, you should use an extra Bluetooth beacon on which no other data is saved.


Bluetooth beacon is better than the hard disk drive

The digital photos on the sticks last for decades! Beacons, in contrast to hard disk drives, don’t mind falls as long as the circuit board is not damaged. And word of the fact that Beacons are printable and can even be refined with a laser engraving is likely to have got around by now.

For some years now, Beacons have been among the most popular promotional items and top in one go with ballpoint pens, lighters and mugs. But that also means: In order to generate the desired attention with a Bluetooth beacon as a giveaway, you should find out about the latest trends.


What are current trends?

Size is not everything – this also applies to the storage capacity of Beacons. Since these storage media have become cheaper and more popular as promotional items in recent years.  Many users have several sticks, depending on the application. For example, a compact stick with a relatively large storage capacity for songs, podcasts and audiobooks for the car radio.

Accordingly, it is not important for you as an advertiser to use the largest possible Beacon as a giveaway, but one that meets a special need of your target group. Robust and always with you: Beacon comes of metal as key rings. Innovative housing without plastic: Bluetooth beacon comes of beautifully crafted plastic components.


USB Beacon is the need of the time

There are, for example, robust metal Beacon as key rings, some even with an integrated key ring. These models will last for many months on your customers’ key rings. During this period, the recipient will notice your engraved logo several times a day, so that you anchor yourself deeply in the subconscious of your target group.

However, if you need Beacon to work, you value a high data transfer rate. USB 3.0 is a must! But even that is no longer a luxury these days and has long been an affordable specification for some printable Beacons. Another trend is housings come from renewable raw materials: There are Bluetooth beacon comes from artificial intelligence opponents.



These will remain a good advertising medium for a long time to come. Despite the advancement of cloud storage and the increasing use of mobile data, the classic Beacon will not be forgotten for a long time. Even the slimmest and lightest laptops still have built-in USB ports that are just waiting for your individually printed Beacons.