World’s First Dual Optional Data Rates Beacon Released – Ultra-Long Range Beacon MBM01

In the current market of Bluetooth beacons, there have been two problems that crippled the application, short coverage, and short battery life. To tackle these problems, Minew has developed a new beacon whose performance is unmatched.

Minew introduces MBM01, a revolutionary device with tremendous performance. It is our longest-range beacon in the current lineup providing broadcasting coverage as far as 1968 ft (600 m). MBM01 is a long-range and long battery life beacon that raised the bar of high-performance beacon to a new height. Whether in airports, shopping malls, convention centers, or arenas, the broadcast of MBM01 reaches cover every corner and extends into the furthest location, all while keeping dust- and water-resistant with up to 10 years of battery life. We are excited to bring this incredible device to you, leveraging the vast coverage of the distance not possible before, to help users take advantage of large area Bluetooth broadcast and achieve many possible tasks based on it. With its water-resistant design, unparalleled broadcasting distance, and optional built-in accelerometer sensor, MBM01 provides users with never-before-seen performance.


All-arounder Performance with Durable Design

In addition to its mighty broadcast performance, MBM01 features a white shell with an optimized structure which makes it IP67 water- and dust-resistant. A built-in button in the center can achieve extended functions, including power on, fast broadcast, call for help, and more that can be further developed. Its RGB indicator makes it easy for users to see the feedback and the status of the beacon. The removable cover with screws allows users to replace the battery. Different types of battery setups can be requested upon purchase to achieve different battery lives. MBM01 features BeaconPlus firmware and can be set up by the BeaconSET+ app as universal as our other products. Just bring MBM01 close to your phone, choose it on the BeaconSET+ app, and it will connect. Users can change broadcast frames, advertising intervals, or RSSIs on it. The advertising rate can be chosen between 1 Mbps and 125 Kbps based on your scenarios, 125 Kbps for longer distance that is up to 0.37 miles while 1 Mbps for longer battery life that is up to 10 years.

Why recommend MBM01 in our product family

MBM01 fills the void for ultra-long range and ultra-long battery life beacon. Its features include:

  • Bluetooth 5.1 & nRF52833 (nRF52840 Optional)
  • Durable and exquisite design
  • Multi-function button
  • Optional high accuracy accelerometer
  • Waterproof and dustproof IP67
  • Up to 1968 ft advertising range
  • Compatible with 1 Mbps/ 125 Kbps
  • Super long battery life up to 10 years

What can you benefit from MBM01?

  • Shopping Habits Analysis & Precision Marketing

Vendors can collect data through Bluetooth signals from customers’ phones regarding shoppers’ location and the time they spent at each location for shoppers’ behavior analysis. Vendors also send shoppers push notifications based on their locations as an approach to precision marketing. As a result, the merchandise can be rearranged or adjusted, and the message to each shopper can be customized for proximity marketing.

  • Information Pushing & Indoor Navigation

With the appropriate deployment of MBM01 in places such as airports, upon Bluetooth broadcasts are received and processed on their phones, passengers can follow the map’s guidance of the shortest route to the boarding gate or receive notifications when they approach nearby shops. Information such as flight or promotion information can also be pushed onto passengers’ phones.

  • Patient Tracking & First Responding

In a complex healthcare facility, administrators can collect data on daily visitors to dynamically allocate resources with assistance from MBM01 and patients’ phone app development. MBM01’s button can also be used for first responding. In case of an emergency event, by pressing the button, the administrator can quickly locate and see the event whereabout in the system.

MBM01 is available now, contact our sales team for a sample.