Been around for 13 years! Minew was founded in 2007 and specialized in the loT field with creative, innovative breakthroughs. Owning over 103 patents and growing daily. Our R&D team has a decade of engineering and management experience and is uniquely equipped to provide innovative products to industry problems.

    Minew has increased assembly line capacity by a further 200% following the installation of a new fully auto SMT line at our facility. Our core business currently covers a variety of loT products featuring a wide range of application scenarios. We have over a decade of experience working on RF products manufacturing, completed more than 500 customized projects involving concept, hardware, software design, and production. 30,000 units daily output includes electronic labels, Bluetooth Low Energy Module, Beacon, Bluetooth Sensor, Bluetooth &WiFi/Ethernet Gateway, etc. With over 50 engineers and 200 employees, we supply our products and services in more than 50 countries.
    A perfect blend and best people formula of creativity and technical wizardry, We push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing products and services, by the family members of innovation, passion, energy, and experience. Be Bold: be proactive, make decisions, take responsibility, try new things. Be Curious: ask questions, do some research, learn new techniques, study our clients and their industries.
    With the ambition of digging deep in IoT market for opening up access to new markets for products and services, to expand business worldwide, another passionate and professional team of Minew in Hunan YLWL Technology CO., Ltd, the wholly-owned subsidiary of and managed by Minew Technologies Co., Ltd, was founded on August 21st, 2020, specializing in IoT device sales and support. Under the rules and leadership of Minew, the parent company of Hunan YLWL Technology, you will enjoy the same excellent products and effective services.


Interneting every object

  • Group Mission

    Continuous innovation oriented towards servicing our customers.

  • Vision

    To connect the world with our wireless high-end products and technologies including but not lim- ited to RTLS.

  • Core Values

    Quality Innovation




Founded in Shenzhen, China.


Own factory was set up.


Ventured into Bluetooth Module Market and certified by iBeacon program.


Passed IOS9001 certification and obtained Utility Model patent.


Gained numerous iBeacon copyrights and related patents and won the best hardware quality award, receiving a total of 104 patents.


Eddystone from Minew certified by Google and honored as the national high-tech enterprise, signed an IoT strategic cooperation agreement with ARM.


Innovated and succeeded in smart retail with yearly cumulative shipments of IoT products exceeded 12 million units. Listed on NEEQ and released brand new BLE 5.0 MTag.


Minew Labor Union Founded and our MTag and Bluetooth Gateway won the title of the innovative product. R&D in multicolored screens of ESL.


Titled as the most valuable enterprise for investment and IoT localization enterprise, Minew gave the debut of a cloud-based platform for smart retail. Great performances were achieved in ESL and expanded to the smart warehouse, healthcare, and building.


Won the title of the best employer; Minew was involved in the compiling of the whitepaper of Bluetooth AoA technology for high precision localization, at the same year, set up the advanced fully-auto SMT lines.