Connectable Tag Manager Kit


Connectable Tag Manager Kit is an all-inclusive solution designed to revolutionize asset tracking and management. This comprehensive kit combines the cutting-edge MBT02 Connectable Asset Tag and the G1 IoT Gateway (Connection Ver.) which seamlessly work with the Minew Control Platform. With advanced data collection and enterprise-level encryption, businesses gain unparalleled control, real-time insights, and enhanced operational efficiency for a wide range of industries.

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Kit Contents
G1 IoT Gateway (Connection Ver.) * 1
Asset Tag
MBT02 Connectable Asset Tag * 5
Cloud Platform
Minew Control Platform for Demonstration and Testing
Accounts provided for bulk management of Minew Connectable Bluetooth devices of up to 500 or more devices in batches.
For the higher requirement of the deployment of connectable tags, multiple Bluetooth modules (up to 6) of the connection version of the G1 IoT Gateway is available for customized orders.

With bidirectional communication, remote configuration, and batch management capabilities, the Connectable Tag Manager Kit enables real-time monitoring, streamlined operations, enhanced security, and improved asset tracking. The kit empowers businesses with centralized control, easy integration, and advanced analytics, facilitating optimized workflows and increased operational efficiency.

Real-time asset monitoring
Leverage bidirectional communication to achieve real-time monitoring of asset location, status, and performance, enabling proactive decision-making and improved operational efficiency.

Streamline operations with batch management
Execute commands, updates, and configurations in bulk, simplifying asset management processes, reducing manual effort, and ensuring consistent and efficient operations.

Remote configuration and control
Remotely configure and control assets from a centralized platform, facilitating quick parameter adjustments, firmware upgrades, and seamless integration with existing systems.

Enhanced security and asset tracking
Protect assets with tamper alarms, WPA2-EAP enterprise-level encryption, and real-time alerts, ensuring data privacy, mitigating theft risks, and enabling accurate asset tracking.

Scalable and Cost-Effective Solution
Benefit from the scalability and cost-effectiveness of the Connectable Tag Manager Kit, allowing businesses to expand asset tracking capabilities and optimize costs as their needs evolve.

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