How Does Bluetooth 5.0 Beacon Help Pinpoint a Single Car Among Thousands?

The intentionally visible device Bluetooth 5.0 beacon marvels the technology exclusively designed to attract attention to a specific location.

What is Bluetooth 5.0 Beacon?

A beacon is an electrical device, usually about the size measuring approximately 4cm x 2 cm x 8 cm. It addresses the constantly growing complex global IoT environment where range, speed, and broadcasting method are the essence of communication. The technology greatly improvises the capacity of Bluetooth used for Beacons and other IoT devices. Basically, Bluetooth 5.0 Beacon is a hardware transmitter designed sophisticatedly and integrating a class of Bluetooth Low Energy devices. The purpose of this transmitter is to effectively broadcast signals that help identify the physical items by nearby portable electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets, etc. It may serve as an indoor location beacon meant to gain an asset positioning besides real-time sending of information. On the other side, it has a much broader use in public areas like car parking. There, the car owners can leverage its broadcasting range as it will effectively help them pinpoint their car among thousands.


The technology empowers Bluetooth to replace Wi-Fi as a stronger means of communication for various IoT applications. With a compact and portable USB Bluetooth 5.0 beacon, standards of communication will further rise up in broader areas of applications. The technology will provide users complete control over their smart products from anywhere to locate their assets including cars.

Bluetooth 5.0 Beacon Increases the Connection Range to Eliminate Manual Recording of Car Positioning

Cars are a real big business. We are almost incomplete in our movement without them. Whether we go to our offices, shopping malls, or public cinemas to entertain ourselves, we need faster transportation. Cars serve our purpose. However, parking them in nearby vicinity is a big issue as there are thousands of car users looking to park their cars. The manual recording of car positioning is prone to human error and time consuming as well. Bringing real-time visibility to vehicles in sensitive areas such as construction sites and shopping malls demands installation of fast data transmitting devices. There is a need to manage the positioning of a single vehicle among thousands parked in any facility. Such scenarios prompt the need for discovering cloud-based vehicle monitoring system.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology can help us track our car among thousands. We can assign Bluetooth 5.0 beacon to each car and define an access to the designated parking area. Beacon is kind of a lighthouse that repeatedly sends a constant signal to its user enabling him to locate his car. The user can use any Bluetooth-equipped device to get short and regular signals and see a beacon installed on the car once it is in range.

The battery-powered beacons are compatible with Nordic’s nRF52810 SoC that transmit signals once per second. Due to the faster transmission of signals, the users can quickly and easily monitor and track the assets placed anywhere within the range. The Bluetooth beacon technology reduces the labor cost, storage cost, and time taken to process and deliver a car by car manufacturers.

How Does Bluetooth Beacon 5 Work to Track the Car’s Positioning?

A robust location beacon is waterproof and dustproof device that is extraordinarily durable. It helps pinpoint a single car among thousands without failing under a variety of harsh environments.  It transmits a unique ID number or a code that tells a listening device where the asset is. That means a smartphone can instantly recognize that the incoming code is important and it comes from a particular spot. The working depends upon the users’ personal configuration of the device, or how he has programmed it to do? A car owner may use a programmable beacon with BLE 5.0 to control it through external devices such as laptops or tablets.

The Bluetooth Low Energy based tracking system offers an affordable and scalable way of intelligent programming using a smartphone. The smartphone receives a unique vehicle ID across the Bluetooth LE link in addition to measuring the car’s position. A hosted app using the car’s position relative to the handset relays the GPS location of the car to a cloud-based server. The Bluetooth data travels at twice the speed of earlier versions of Bluetooth standards. The server immediately processes the information and decodes the signal to provide the user with a real-time location map of the car.

The fleet management and yard management companies can conveniently automate the installation process of Bluetooth 5.0 devices on IoT based devices. This can improve the efficiency of their routine operations including enhanced monitoring and control of the vehicle. They can have a secure access to all the vehicles entering in their facilities.

Do Not Confuse Bluetooth 5.0 Beacon with a Tag

Tags intend to serve their purpose while the car is on the move. A coin tag with a low energy Bluetooth 5.0 is an ideal option to track assets on the move. Beacons on the other hand are stationary. Nevertheless, a Bluetooth Low Energy device will work the same and you can use it as long as it serves your purpose. The two terms are not two different technologies but they work a little differently. So, if the users want to stick their devices to still objects, they can use Beacons.

how beacons work in car positioning


The need for faster data transmission among IoT devices while lowering the power consumption has led to the creation of Bluetooth 5.0 tech devices. In modern times, when locating an asset has become a cumbersome job through manual recording systems, the Bluetooth 5.0 Beacon jumps in.

It is strongly capable to identify vehicles wirelessly at a distance of several hundred yards. The Bluetooth 5.0 device simplifies the mechanism of accessing a vehicle with a high level of security and accuracy. It saves time and cost of locating an asset. Users can benefit from this cloud-based software to easily monitor all the inbound and outbound cars in parking lots or on other sites.