Keep Your Furry Friends Safe and Secure with the MTC01 GPS Pet Tracker

Shenzhen, China – Minew, a professional IoT smart device designer and manufacturer, announced the release of its latest product, the MTC01 GPS Pet Tracker. The MTC01 GPS Pet Tracker is a cutting-edge device designed to keep pet owners informed of their pets’ location at all times. With supporting the advanced GPS, LTE, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity, the device can track a pet’s whereabouts, monitor their activity, and send real-time alerts if a pet wanders beyond a predefined area.

MTC01 GPS Pet Tracker

Why Do Your Fur Babies Need a GPS Pet Tracker?

As pet owners, we always want to ensure the safety and well-being of our furry friends. However, accidents can happen, and pets can wander off or get lost. That’s where a GPS Pet Tracker comes in handy. With its advanced GPS navigation and activity monitoring features, the tracker can help you keep an eye on your pet’s whereabouts and health status at all times. In case of an emergency, the SOS alert and geo-fencing functions can also help you quickly locate and rescue your pet. Ultimately, a GPS Pet Tracker provides peace of mind and enhances the bond between you and your beloved pet.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Pet Safety and Security

The MTC01 GPS Pet Tracker is packed with advanced features that make it the ultimate device for pet safety and security. These features include:

Accurate GPS Navigation: The device features advanced GPS navigation technology, providing real-time updates on a pet’s location. This feature is especially useful when pets are out of sight or in an unfamiliar environment.

SOS Alert: In case of an emergency, the GPS Pet Tracker has an SOS button that pet owners can activate to send an immediate alert. The alert is sent to the pet owner’s smartphone, enabling them to take action quickly.

Magnetic Charging: The device features a magnetic charging port, making it easy to recharge the device quickly and efficiently.

Geo-fencing: Pet owners can set up virtual fences around a predefined area, and the GPS Pet Tracker will send alerts if a pet crosses the boundary. This feature is especially useful for pet owners with pets that have a tendency to wander.

Activity Monitoring: The device monitors a pet’s activity levels and sends alerts if there is a sudden change. This feature helps pet owners keep track of their pets’ health and wellness.

Trajectory Data: The device records a pet’s movement history, enabling pet owners to track their pets’ movements over time.

IP65 Waterproof: The GPS Pet Tracker is designed to withstand water splashes and rain, ensuring that the device remains operational even in wet conditions.

We Always Keep Comfort and Compact Design

We’ve carefully crafted a sleek and compact design that seamlessly integrates into your pet’s daily routine without causing any discomfort or inconvenience. Whether your pet is going on a walk, playing at the park, or just lounging at home, our GPS Pet Tracker that comes with a collar attachment provides a non-intrusive and stress-free way for you to keep an eye on their whereabouts. So, you can rest assured knowing that your furry friend is safe and sound, without having to compromise on their comfort or mobility.

Not Just for Your Furry Friends

Outdoor adventures: Take the MTC01 GPS Pet Tracker on your outdoor adventures to stay safe and secure. Attach it to your backpack or camping gear to ensure that your location is always known.

Personal safety: Attach it to your keychain or purse, and in case of an emergency, it can quickly and accurately transmit your location to your loved ones or emergency services.

Luggage tracking: You can travel peacefully knowing your luggage is tracked. Attach it to your suitcase, and you’ll always know its location, whether you’re at the airport or in transit.

Bicycle tracking: Keep your bicycle safe. You can easily track its location and retrieve it. Additionally, you can monitor your bike’s location and ensure it’s not being used without your knowledge.

Peace of Mind for Pet Owners on-the-go

The MTC01 GPS Pet Tracker is now available for purchase in Minewstore. For a limited time, new users can enjoy a free month of experience traffic to try out all the features of this amazing tracker. Feel free to contact Minew Technologies, and we can offer professional customization service and support services.